Summer 2024!

We all hope you're looking forward to your final term in Year 4.

This year, we will be trying to be as resilient as we possibly can be, especially when it comes to trying things we haven't done before and working on challenges in our work.

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The Year 4 Team:

Miss Watson (4W Class teacher)

Mrs Robinson (Class Teaching Assistant)

Mr Slaney (Class Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Wollaston ( Class Teaching Assistant)

Our class topic

Our topic for the Summer term is 'Ancient Greece'. In this topic, we will explore the history of Ancient Greece and what life was like in Ancient Greece. We will learn about the olympics, where it originated and explore the ancient and modern Olympic Games by making comparisons. We will also be learning about Greek mythology, gods, goddesses, and legendary heroes. 

Once we have learnt all about Ancient Greece, we will move on to our Geography topic 'European Study'. We will be locating cities within the UK, locating countries and capitals in Europe and understanding time zones. 

This year, we will be really pushing ourselves with our times tables. During the Summer term, the children in Year 4 will be completing their multiplication checks. Please can you continue to support us at home by practising times tables when you have the time. Each week, we will have a focus times table that we will focus on.

It's a really engaging and exciting unit for all the children!

Our class mission statement for this half-term will be:

To work to the best of our ability, even if we aren't feeling our best!

Important information:

Our PE days (days you come in PE kit) are Thursday and Friday. 

Times tables will be a huge focus for us this year as we need to know them up to and including 12x12. This isn't just for the national assessment at the end of the year but also because maths from this point relies on having a secure times tables knowledge and it comes into a lot of lessons. When you are practising at home, its really important you know your times tables out of order, not just in order and remember you need to be able to give an answer within 6 seconds. - a great website to help!

Spellings - To support their English, please find the KS2 statutory spelling word list on the spelling section of our class page, along with our weekly spellings. If you get chance, please could you pick a few words off the KS2 word list to learn alongside the weekly class spellings. This will greatly help in your child's English lessons. 

Multiplication Check Practice: GOV.UK (

Spellings are learnt and practised in school.

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Your child will have been given their homework diary, which the class teacher/teaching assistants will also use to communicate with you at home. 

Reading is extremely important as it helps us to develop our vocabulary and writing skills.  Please can you ensure that your child reads at least 3 times a week and logs it in their diary. Team points are awarded for reading to offer an incentive. 

In Year 4, there is a huge focus on times tables. Please can children ensure that they are learning their times tables on a regular basis. The National Curriculum states that pupils should be able to fluently recall their times tables up to 12 x 12. Here is a link which can help children recall their tables fluently and efficiently.

If you want to check your child's times tables knowledge, you can do this via the multiplication check at:

Each week, we will have a times table to focus on and learn. This week, we are focusing on the 2 times table. If your child is confident in these, please can you practise the division facts as well as the multiplication facts to ensure mastery.

Our PE days are Monday and Thursday. On these days we ask that your child comes to school in their PE clothes rather than their school uniform.

Weather dependant they can wear their shorts and school coloured PE T- shirt and school jumper. If the weather is cold then track suit bottoms/leggings would be more suitable. Trainers are preferable to pumps as it is possible the children may be outdoors for some lessons.

All children have been given a school water bottle. This needs to be brought to school each day having been washed and re filled with fresh water from home. Children will be reminded at the end of the day to bring home their lunch bag and water bottle to be washed ready for the next day. We have turned off our water filter system so children will not be able to fill up their water bottle in the usual way. All classes have access to drinking water throughout the day should the children require extra water.

Please ensure your child brings a coat to school each day. We had a rainy start to the term but we are trying as much as possible to allow the children their outdoor breaks which may mean us putting coats on to go out in the rain as much as possible without getting too wet. Please ensure all coats are clearly named.

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