Our Vision

To provide a nurturing culture which celebrates and develops individuality, providing opportunities for all to achieve their full potential as life long learners.

Our Values 

At Shavington, our values are focused around our four learning muscles, which are: 


Resourceful Beaver 

This learning muscle is about knowing what to do when we are stuck with learning. 



Relationships Ant 

This learning muscle is about learning to work in different ways. 


Resilient Rhino 

This learning muscle is about not giving up. 



Reflective Tortoise 

This learning muscle is about learning to reflect on our learning so we can make it better. 


We use the Learning Muscles to help our children to understand that we are all capable of becoming better learners. Each animal teaches us something different: 

  • The Beaver teaches us that learning involves different learning styles and strategies. The Beaver teaches us that we can use different resources and strategies in our learning. The Beaver helps us to know what to do when we are stuck. 
  • The Ant teaches us that learning can be done working with others as well as working independently. The Ant helps us to learn from and with others. 
  • The Rhino teaches us to be resilient in our learning. It teaches us that making mistakes and getting things wrong can help us to learn. The Rhino helps us to understand that we shouldn't give up when the going gets tough! 
  • The Tortoise teaches us to be reflective in our learning and to think about ourselves as learners. It teaches us to improve our work to make it the best it can be. 

Our School Rules

Kind   Safe   Ready


We use kind words both face to face and on-line

We listen when other people speak

We look after school equipment

We look after other peoples things

We understand that all people are different and we celebrate our differences


We move around school safely

We walk on the left

We follow instructions and keep ourselves safe

We tell somebody if we see something that we are worried about online

We tell somebody if we think somebody is in danger


We are ready to learn

We arrive at school on time

We wear the correct uniform and PE kit

We are ready to listen

We are curious and ask questions

We are ready to try our best