At Shavington, we explore a range of subjects in great depth and detail and want to develop children that love to learn. Leaders and teachers have worked hard to design an ambitious, knowledge-rich curriculum, carefully designed to meet the needs of our pupils. The curriculum is supplemented by challenging tasks and activities in the classroom, hosting inspiring visitors, running residentials, and further extended into the wider community with trips in the local area and beyond, in order to develop our pupils’ knowledge of their own communities and the wider world.

Our intent is to provide pupils with a curriculum that places powerful knowledge at the heart of learning, providing the best understanding of the natural and social worlds that enables them to go beyond their own individual experiences. We want our curriculum to enable pupils to succeed in high school and the world of work.

In the early years and key stage 1, we place a strong emphasis on the teaching of phonics and early reading and teach this through the Floppy’s Phonics scheme. Teachers prioritise fluency in reading, writing and mathematics, ensuring these subjects are interwoven into the wider curriculum. This provides pupils with the critical knowledge and skills required to access a broad curriculum at key stage 2 and beyond.

We strive to offer an broad, inspiring curriculum that provides a meaningful learning experience that is knowledge-rich, inclusive and tailored to meet the needs of our school community. A strong foundation in the core subjects of English, mathematics and science underpins Shavington’s commitment to grow excellence across the whole curriculum in order for our pupils to know more, remember more and be able to do more. We use the Early Years, Foundation Curriculum and National Curriculum as a starting point. 

Pupils at Shavington will receive a curriculum that is:

  • Broad and balanced;
  • Ambitious, challenging and inspiring;
  • Coherently planned and sequenced, building on prior knowledge;
  • Adapted and modified to meet the needs of pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities;

Shavington offers equal opportunities to every child from all backgrounds, regardless of gender, beliefs, sexuality, disability, and ethnicity in all aspects of the curriculum and school life. 

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