At Shavington Primary School we are as INQUISITIVE as historians.

We believe that the History curriculum should develop a child’s interest in his/her surroundings and the wider world and to encourage a curiosity about events and people from the past. We strive to ensure that when our pupils leave in Year 6, they are fully equipped with the necessary skills to become excellent historians in the future and have enhanced their understanding of historical sequence and cause and effect. Ultimately, we aim to provide children with a secure understanding of the link between past and present that will enable them to envision how their own actions will significantly impact the future of our world.


During their time at Shavington Primary, pupils study the key topics listed within the National Curriculum. Using our centralised English scheme of ‘Pathways’, our history topics link with our class texts allowing our children to ‘time-travel’ to a multitude of periods in history.

Although we teach history discretely, we aim to link historical learning to other foundation subjects and core subject topics as much as possible in order to encourage children to make cross-curricular links to deepen their understanding. We also ensure that crucial historical skills such as chronology and enquiry are deeply embedded within each topic that is taught. These essential skills are then built on as the children progress through each year group. 

As part of the planning process, teachers are expected to include the following:

  • A cycle of lessons, which plans for progression and allows for opportunities to develop a deeper understanding of the history skills and knowledge covered.
  • Opportunities for children to work practically as a means to illustrate historical knowledge.

By giving children access to a multitude of resources (eg, iPads, artefacts and photographs) and a ‘hands on’ approach, through field trips, residential visits, the use of role play and specialist visitors to school who share their enthusiasms and skills, we allow them to problem solve and risk take in order to complete a historical inquiry.  


As pupils conclude their time at Shavington Primary, we hope that they leave us having developed a true adoration for history and with a sound and secure knowledge of how past events have shaped the present. Having spent their formative years sharpening their chronological understanding and their ability to question, enquire and analyse, we hope that our pupils will become conscientious adults, fully aware of their potential to make a positive impact on the world.

Below are key documents linked to the History Curriculum at Shavington for the current academic year (2023/2024).

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The following links are great resources for your child to access for free to support their learning in history.