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School Council 2017-2018.


School council minutes 16.03.2018


  • Mrs Watson talked to Mr Nightingale about our Shavington Tough Mudder. He has agreed to help us with our charity event. We’ll need to arrange first aid for the event
  • Some pupils have recommended a school badminton club / team
  • Are any children interested in an after-school  paid chess club
  • Shavington Talent Show the final will be at the summer fair. Auditions will start week beginning 4th of June. Acts could include: singing, dancing, magic tricks, comedian, martial arts, presentations. School council will design some posters. If anybody is interested in entering put it in the suggestion box. We need your name and your act (you can go in groups)

School Council Minutes 16.02.18

Feedback from suggestion boxes:

School Council feel that lunchtimes are running smoothly and have improved. 

Lots of comments in response to the charity obstacle race. Thanks to everyone who added a suggestion. Any further ideas are welcome.

Talent Show and Shav's Tough Mudder dates need to be decided.


Are we happy with how homework is being set? Do we want the school to sopend money on homework books or other things? Do we want teachers spending time marking homework or doing other things?

School Council discussed how they would like the certificates to be more personalised and have comments relating to the work that they have done and how much effort they have put in. 


After School Club

Are there any suggestions as to how After School Club could be improved? Already there have been improvements to the activities offered at the club. These have been noticed by children who attend. 

Could there be more variety in the snack offered? Any suggestions from different classes?


School Council Minutes 15.01.18

Feedback from suggestion boxes:

School council identified that sometimes people don’t get the food they ordered for lunch. Are there any suggestions as to how this could be improved?

Play equipment on the field- this will be looked into when the weather has improved.

School pet- school council feel that this would be difficult as children have allergies.

Shavington Talent Show

Shavington Talent Show in Summer Term

This gives people the opportunity to get their perfomances ready

Finals at the Summer Fair

School council will form judging panel alongside other teachers

Shavington’s Tough Mudder  

For Children and Parents (Cancer Research Charity Event)

Sponsored Event- people will get sponsored to participate.

You can make the choice whether you want to do this for fun or timed / overall winner will get a prize but everyone will get a medal

We need ideas for obstacles (about 10). Please put these in the suggestion boxes.

School Council will look into finding inflatables for the event (Alys’s (Y3) dad will look into it as well)

Refreshment stand to help raise more money.

Face paints

Investors in Pupils Welcome Books

These will need to be done in class, with help of the class teachers.


School Council minutes 01.12.17

  • Some classes are still without Suggestion boxes so can all council members and teachers ensure that these are in place by the end of next week please. 
  • Owen from Year 6 came to speak to School Council today about organising a school talent show for KS1 and KS2 in the Summer term. He would like School Council to form a judging panel along with members of staff School Council will check with their classes to see if children are interested and will let Owen know if there is much interest.
  • Mrs Watson gave us a template for a Welcome Book for our class website on Showbie. She has asked that these are completed and uploaded to the website by the start of the Spring term. These are to help us to achieve the Investors in Pupils accreditation. Councillors will speak to their class teachers to make sure that all of the aspects of Investors in Pupils are visible and on the walls in the classroom.


School Council minutes 10/11/17

  • We need a School Council Suggestion Box in each classroom.

  • Children requested having some play equipment on the field for KS2. Mrs Watson will speak to Mrs Kinsey and Mrs Nicholls to discuss possible options.

  • Mrs Watson introduced us to the work we will be doing in Investors in Pupils. This is an award that we are working towards as a school. It shows that we as a school value the importance of pupil voice and that staff listen to what children want in our school.

  • We have started to create a class induction e-book that we will be uploaded to the website once it is completed.

  • We are going to make sure that each class has a ‘Class Mission Statement’ (something that tells anyone visiting our class what they will see e.g. friendly, hardworking children; resilient learners etc), and a ‘Whole class target’ on the wall so that it is visible to any visitors


Cluster School Council Minutes 13.10.17


  • Shavington- Children discussed Sumdog to help support the maths teaching and get rewards.

  • Berkeley- Trade Wars and Quiz, Quiz Trade. Children love the use of games

  • Children like having tasks on the board during registration.

  • Discussed ways that different schools practised their times tables. All children love learning their times tables.


Charity Events And Fund Raising Opportunities.

  • Shavington children discussed about the possibility of organising a community charity event.

  • Other schools discussed the fundraising that they did in school. All children feel that they have the balance right

  • Berkeley discussed the Macmillan Coffee mornig and how each class is responsible for organising different events.

  • Wybunbury Delves raise money for Diabetes and other charities pertinent to the school. School council are involved with fundraising.

Reward systems and behaviour


  • 4 houses – linked to locations.

  • Collect team points. Teams compete for non uniform day.

  • Star of the week.


  • Guardian angel each week teacher picks a person.

  • House points- winning teams get rewarded


  • Berkeley’s Best and house points. Star of Weeks go on the website

  • House points earn badges. Children can earn a purple star.

  • Lunchtime star awards.


  • Sports Bronze, Silver and Gold- earned for representing the school.

  • Sport’s Personality of the week- 1 from KS1 and 1 from KS2

  • Diner of the Week.

  • Team points/Sticker Books/Star of the Week/Golden Blog.


  • Team Points- reward child from each class who has earned most team points.

  • Star of the Week.

  • Rewards are given for exceptional things that children have done- these are extra special things!


Children will discuss within their school council groups any feedback that they feel will benefit the school from what they have learnt today.

School Council Minutes 29.09.17

Today was our first session to meet as a new School Council team. We had a very productive first meeting where we made some changes to our school dinner menu, chatted about lunchtime routines,  and discussed possible fundraising opportunities for the year.

We will now feedback to our classes and be able to start making some changes to make Shavington Primary School even better!


School Council 2016-2017.


School Council Minutes 05.05.17


Suggestion box feedback:


  • School mascot for sporting events
  • 3d printer
  • Slide in extension
  • Girls football day
  • Extra play for rewards
  • Talent show
  • Roundabout/drop off in car park


Traffic Survey:


Proposed date for traffic survey: Wednesday 17th May.


All school councillors will participate in a traffic survey to observe levels of traffic outside the school at different times of the day.


All school councillors took part in a traffic survey to see how we will do it.


Parent drop off:


The school councillors discussed ways to change the ways in which they come into school in the morning. We discussed that parents could drop us off at the gates and then we walk down to our classrooms independently. We recognised that our parents could write comments/messages to our teachers in our diaries if necessary and that prefects or older children could help the younger children to their classrooms.


School Council Minutes 03.03.17

Suggestion box feedback

  • Girl’s football day? Friday? Key stage 2
  • Class pet/school pet? Could each class have a pet fish? Allergy friendly.
  • Another talent show. Could we have an annual show?
  • Key stage 1 football team competition across network?
  • Golden Time is it long enough?
  • New benches for bark area.


Traffic Survey

We discussed how this half term we will schedule a day when we will go out and complete a traffic survey. All school council members will participate. We will go out at different times of the day and observe what traffic is like. We will then write to the council to get a safe crossing for children.


Next time we meet we will look at the different types of crossings that we could have and draft our letter to the council.


School Council Minutes 03.02.17


Suggestion Boxes

We looked through suggestion boxes  and here are the suggestions we looked at in more detail:

  • Class pet/virtual pet
  • Dress up days/pyjama day
  • Drying cup trays and plates
  • Making ‘Up Top’ better
  • Ww2 Anderson Shelter
  • More concrete around pencils on bottom playground
  • Coloured white board pens for year 5 and 6 team points or other systems?
  • Discuss with KS2 football- any ideas?
  • More lunchtime clubs- any ideas? Any children that could run lunchtime clubs?
  • Slippy floors in the toilets.


Investors in Pupils Feedback

  • Investor in Pupils sheet handed out. We will fill these out with our class teachers.

Expansion Document

Mrs Nicholls came to speak to us about the proposed expansion of the school. She told us that there has been talks about making our school bigger so that more children can come to Shavington. Mrs Nicholls has asked that each member of the SC fill in the feedback form and return it to school. Any other child that is interested in filling it in can get a copy of the feedback form from the school website.


  • Our concerns:

Will there be enough playground space?

Will we take children away from other schools?

Where will the new classes go? Are we going to lose playground space?

Will we all be able to have dinner together?

Will it make getting to school in the morning trickier as there will be more traffic?


  • What we are excited about:

Could we have separate playgrounds for Key Stage 1 and 2?

The classrooms will be much nicer. They will all be brand new.

Could we have a sports hall? A library? A new kitchen?

Could we have a proper first aid area?


10 School Council members decided that they were excited about the proposed expansion.

1 School Council member was undecided.


Issue for next meeting: Safe crossing for children at Shavington. A traffic survey?


School Council Minutes 13.01.17

Suggestion boxes-

We went through the class suggestion boxes and collected the best ideas.. they are listed below:

  • football rota for ks1
  • Pictures on wall of children in class
  • More equipment on playground
  • Coat hook in toilet
  • School pet
  • 2 snack trollies
  • Better quality pens (wipeboard and handwriting)


Neighbourhood plan-

Year 5 and 6 fed back information from the Network Cluster. We had to decide which community projects we would like to take to be voted on at the next cluster meeting. We decided which projects we would like to do:

  • Litter pick up / race
  • Bake off competition
  • Food bank/stall
  • Art competition between schools


Investors in Pupils-

Mrs Watson talked to us about the Investors in Pupils accreditation. We are going to fill in a grid to see where we are up to in working towards getting the award, so that we can create an action plan.


AOB: More prizes for sticker books

School Council Minutes 11.11.16

Mrs Watson has taken the reins from Mrs Nicholls to support the School Council this year. Mr Latham  will also  continue to attend our meetings.

Investors in Pupils

Mrs Watson informed the School Council that the Investors in Pupils work that began last year will now join up with the School Council.

Suggestion Boxes

 It was decided that each class would need a suggestion box so that all pupils will get to decide what the focusses for the School Council will be. Each class should have these up and running by Fri 18th November.

The Neighbourhood Plan

Mr Latham introduced the children to the Neighbourhood plan in which people of Shavington will get to have an input into what they would like to see in their village and where they envision their village being in 10 years time. All children will be able to take an online questionnaire so that their thoughts and ideas will be taken into consideration. Some of the School Council raised the issue of playgrounds in Shavington and how it would be a good idea to have age appropriate areas that children of different ages could use. This would make playgrounds safer for the younger children. The School Council also thought that putting a link to the Neighbourhood Plan on the Shavington Primary School website would be a good idea.  


Summer Term Next meeting:Friday 15th July @ 12.30pm


Talent Show – Adele and Mia have organised a date Friday 1st July.  9.30am if not reserve sports day. If reserve sports day then talent show will be in the afternoon. If in the morning Mrs Nicholls will help Mia and Adele to set up. School council asked Mr Latham to be a judge. They decided they would like 4 judges like X factor. They are going to ask other adults in school to be judges. We have discussed the nature of the talents to be shared. very much in the style of Britain's got talent.

Anderson Shelter update- South Cheshire college continue to work on the area. Mr Latham has made contact with the church groups in the viallge who have a group of ladies who would like to come and do some knitting with us. Margater is coming to meet with Mrs Nicholls to arrange a time. 

Mr Latham updated school council about how the PSA have decided to allow children to have some responsibilities for deciding how some of the PSA monies could be spent. The children could think of things that they would like for their class or to benefit the whole school.

Suggestion boxes

Year 1- none
Year 2 – none
Year 3 – more pencils
Year 4 -None
Year 5-None
Year 6- At high school transition days.

Mrs Nicholls shared Mr Lathams’s apologies’, and shared with the children his two actions‪
1. We have had a response from Cheshire East regarding Road Safety confirming that action is being taken on our request for speed warning signs and next week I will be speaking to my contact to obtain the actual dates for installation.
2 Secondly I will be in touch in the next few days with each of the three groups regarding the knitting and I will then get back to you.

Feedback on PSA movie night- really good, fun- we would like another themed one.

Suggestion boxes
Year 1- none
Year 2 – longer lessons! more outside toys in the box, deflated basketballs (to organise extra thingsfor outside), class pet – year 3 and reception do have class pets- stick insects and fish- so talk to class teachers about the possiblity- we discussed guinea pigs and hamsters are possibly not the best pets to have due to the care they need.
Year 3 – Have your own whiteboard and pen, (some classes do this in thier trays or in thierp acks others have big baskets- speak to class tecahers)
Year 4 -None
Year 5-Problem at snack time all KS2 have to wait till the end. Can we have two lines/trolleys- could the KS2 children do the snack queue- Mia/Ava have volunteered to run the trolley for KS2. (Organised with kitchen staff and this will start next week)
Year 6- In London

South Cheshire college students came in yesterday, made sure area is safe to get started on the site for our Anderson Shelter. Getting a skip to get rid of rubbish- that will go on the front care park. Starting next week they’ll be on our site and doing lots of different things. All children must stay away from that area. Can watch but from the play-ground. School council stop any-one from going close. There is a fenced boundary which no one is allowed inside.
When it’s all built, family come in and knit blankets (patchwork blanket to use up little bits of wool.) Put it on the newsletter.

Anyone who likes knitting and working with children?

PSA- Movie Night

Idea- Pyjamas and sleepover (not actual sleepover) movie night

            Bring blankets and sleeping bags. Movie on screen in KS2 hall screen.

            School council decision to have a movie night.

Road safety- Mr Latham gave an update.

A sign is being put up in and around Shavington- it flashes up. Only up to 20miles an hour.

Health and safety - Meetings every couple of months; safety within school- things that may hurt students. Think things aren’t safe- report.

Party for queen’s birthday in June- Maybe like a street party.

Suggestion boxes

End of year talent show!!- Mia and Adele to look for a date and start to organize.

Year 1- No suggestions

Year 2-

-Have a new learning muscle-Charity sale- cake sales- Lucky dip- Guess the name of a teddy- water theme park!

Year 3-No suggestions

Year 4-Writing competition.

Year 5-Astro turf in front of goals.

Year6--Drop in emotion club? More details to be gathered from Yr6 reps.

-Get a premier league football- Ask Mrs Kinsey- Can’t be too hard though for break times in case it hits someone.

-Sticker of the day

Spring Term 2016

Friday 18th March 2016

Kitty’s mum has got the letter from school council regarding the school mascot. Thank you to Jack and Abbie for writing the letter.

The Pond area opened-Mia watts and James Peake opened it with some words of thanks from the school to the Princes trust for all their hard work.  The pond is now open and year 6 have already been out Pond dipping. We have got plans to continue to work on the area.

Mrs Nicholls gave an update on the WWII area. Mr Finney from South Cheshire College has been into school and said that the students will be getting started after their exams in the Summer term.

Our New cook has had the new menus through and wanted school councils opinion. The new menu is a 3 week menu. All school council reps asked their classes what their favourite meals were so we could make appropriate choices.

Some meals classes want

  • vegetarian cottage pie/chilli  ice cream and fruit
  • meatballs in tomato sauce/pasta bake     raspberry angel delight
  • roast dinner/ omlette popover
  • BBQ pizza/Quorn burger
  • Chicken Korma/fish goujons     chocolate brownie
  • Mac n cheese/sausage roll      cookie
  • Beef burger/bolognaise 
  • Roast dinner/cheese flan     apple cake
  • Beef wrap/pasta and sauce
  • Chicken fajitas/fish
  • BBQ pork wrap/quorn and sweet potato curry    chocolate chunk finger 
  • Chicken korma with rice/tuna melt         flapjack finger
  • Spaghetti bolognaise/ apple and banana cake
  • Meatball and BBQ sub/  raspberry mousse
  • All day breakfast
  • Sandwich fillers

    We went through the menus and voted on the options all the classes had asked for. We have given our menu choices to our new cook who is now going to go through it. We have also asked the cook if we could have a deli day- where we can make our own sub roles with different fillings. The cook is going to let us know. 

Mr Latham gave us an update on the issues regarding road safety. He has attended Parish council meetings- who have said there are plans but they will take time.

Police looking carefully at speed in the area and Mr Latham will continue to work with them.

Southbank Avenue has had some issues with double parking. Mrs Nicholls continues to keep parents informed through the newsletter about these issues.

Children can spot signs and influence (say-its 30, etc.)

Mr Latham will keep school council informed.

Suggestion boxes
-Massive P.E bags in year 5/6 (normal rucksacks) suggested different system (coloured bucket instead like years 3/4).

Friday 26th February 2016

  • Abbie and Jack to write Kitty’s mum a letter to make us a squirrel mascot to take to events.
  • Ethan and Mia make squirrel a passport.

Suggestions for the squirrel’s name ( we thought this could be a competition after the squirrel has been made)

Mr Laiden (Community Governor) attended our meeting and talked to us about road safety. He is very concerned about safety on the roads. He is meeting with the police and parish council to talk about what can be done. There is dangerous driving in Shavington-unsafe on the roads for crossing for school. He wants to make it safer for people walking to school.

Some things he talked about:

  • Getting a speed limit post
  • Don’t need one in the holidays-maybe temporary
  • Cheaper option-speed stickers on your wheelie bin

Reminds people that it’s only a certain speed limit.

  • Main road is going to be 20 miles per hour to make it safer

Suggestion boxes

Yr6-Suggested having a P.E  sports star  of the week. We have a KS1 and KS2 trophy that could be given to the child in Special Friday assembly. Mia and Adele to speak to Mr Bentham  with a view to starting next week.

-Girls football team would be nice.
 Next Meeting Friday 18th March

Friday 29th January 2016
First of all we checked that all school council have made their classes suggestion boxes. All year groups have completed this task now.  Each year group have had time to talk to their class about what the suggestion box is and what it can be used for.

Secondly we checked that all KS2 school councilors had done their football and Den building rotas for their classes. Year 3 still haven’t done theirs. Mia kindly offered to help and remind to do it!

Mrs Nicholls gave the year 3 and 5 school councilors a letter inviting them to go to a Network school council meeting with other school council children from Wistaston Church Lane, Berkeley, Weston and Wynbunbury Delves next Wednesday 3rd February. Their topic for discussion is school clubs.

Next we talked about the work the school council had done in their class about what they though a good teacher looked like and what they thought a good learner looked like. Mrs Nicholls explained this is going to help us to focus on these things in school and also to do some work on for a children’s conference. Mrs Nicholls asked the year 5 and 6 councilors if they would like to work with her on creating a presentation about learner for the conference. Both year 5 and 6 said they would really like to work on this.

Next we shared what each year group thought a good learner and a good teacher was like: These ideas will be used at the children’s conference.G

Good Teacher

Good Learner

-Give good instructions
-Help you when your struggling
-Look at the children
-Be very kind to children
-Needs to know everything
-ICT skills
-How to treat children
-Control the class
-Funny and makes children laugh
-Listens to questions and answers
-Makes learning fun.

-Don’t chat to friends
-Don’t give up
-Don’t fiddle
-Try your best
-Be kind
-Needs to listen and learn
-Don’t get distracted
-Stays still on chair
-Puts hand up

Suggestion box ideas
Y1-Second helpings at lunch
Y2-More equipment on playground
-Class word every week (word to use in writing or talk about what is happening
Y3- People aren’t passing the ball
-Equipment up top
-Keep quiet area quiet.
-Class pet
Y4-School bunny rabbit, A dog,Chicks, More paint,Playdough/tools
Y5-school talent show
-Bigger lunch trolley
-PJ day
Y6-School mascot  (squirrel/cheerleader)
​-School bags and coats end up on the floor. (cloak room)

Whole school suggestion box
-KS1 toilet locks
-KS2 toilet gets blocked up.

Friday 8th January 2016
Our first meetimg of the new year and our new spring term. We started off by welcoming Mr Latham who is our new community governor and also our vice chair of governors. We started the meeting checking we had all completed our actions from our last meeting which was to have made a school council suggestion box for our classes and a new rotas for football and the den building are for KS2. Not all members had done their actions so it was agreed that Adele would go round and remind everyone until the next meeting. 
We agreed that at the next meeting all school council would have made their box and shown and explained how to use it to their own classes. We would start the next meeting going though the suggestions.

Mrs Nicholls then showed us the computerised plans from South Cheshire College for our new World War II area. We talked about the plan, and what we liked about it. We agreed that it would be great to have our own Anderson shelter and surrounding area. We liked the extra vegetable plots and the shed and greenhouse- which we though Mrs Dutton and all her gardeners would really love! Mrs Nicholls agreed to contact South Cheshire College and let them know our thoughts.

We then went round each class to see if there were any specific areas of concern. Year 3 were concerned about children doing fake falls at playtime. We talked about this as a group and all school council agreed to keep an eye out at playtime and inform staff if they felt it was an issue. We talked about how important it is when people really fall that they go to the first aider on duty. 

Year 6 commented that the toilet door locks were on occasion a little stiff and were worried at times about unlocking and locking doors. They also noted that some of the toilet doors at lunch time in KS1 area had been locked but no one was in them, the children wondered if this might be people being silly or maybe the lock problem. School council agreed to keep an eye on this at lunch time. Mrs Nicholls said she would speak to Mr Birtles to oil the locks. 

Next meeting Friday 29th January at 12.30smiley

Friday 27th March 2015

Today we hosted a school council meeting with our network school councils. Each school brought their year 2 and year 6 to visit our school. We had a meeting together talking about extra curricular clubs. We had children from The Berkeley, Wistaston Church Lane, Wybunbury Delves, Weston and four year 7's from Shavington high school. We had a great meeting. It was interesting to hear what clubs the different schools offer their children. Some schools have clubs for key stages, some hold clubs after school, some held clubs at lunch times, some schools had outside agencies to run their clubs - which tended to be sports based, whilst other schools run clubs with teachers and teaching assistants. One school has clubs run by children also. It was really interesting to hear how the high school offers different opportunities to their pupils also.

We had a drink and a snack together then went out to play football and use the adventure playground.

A good experience for all. All children were a credit to their schools, talking with confidence and pride about their schools. 

Thursday 5th March 2015
We have now had our brand new menu choices approved by Cheshire East. We are just waiting for our choices to be sent through in Cheshire East format. Once we have it there will be an electronic menu attached to the website, and we will send paper copies home.

Friday 27th February 2015
Following our last meeting Mrs Nicholls told us that Diane had looked at all of our suggestions and sent a provisional menu for us to look at. Mrs Nicholls and Mrs Jones (our school cook) met together with school council to discuss the menu. We all felt that the meal choices we wanted to see on our menu were there, but there were some slight alterations we wanted to make including changing a pie choice to a wrap and a ginger and lemon shortbread to a more traditional shortbread (although Mrs Jones said she could vary this) and  noodles as a salad bar choice. Mrs Nicholls will now e mial our finalised menu to Diane and hopefully we should be able to start our menu from next week! A great example of pupil voice!!

We have also discussed the possiblity of changing the way we eat our lunch including plates, bowls and trays rather than flight trays. We have had a lengthly discussion about this and both the children and staff like the idea of different plates we are all concerned about the practicalities- especially with trays and being able to manage to carry all the items. We will need further discussion about this and may well introduce a trail for the older children to see if it is successful or not.

We are changing the layout of our dinner hall as of next week to hopeful improve the flow at lunch time and enable children to be more independent with their dirty dishes.

NEXT MEETING Friday 20th March

Thursday 5th February 2015
Today we met Diane who is person in charge of hot school meals to discuss the types of meals we would like to see on offer for hot school dinners. Each school council rep, has spoken to their class about what types of meals we would like for hot lunches in school and we have shared these ideas today. Diane has listened to the menu choices we would like and taken away all our suggetsions from each class. Many of the meals choices we wanted are on one of the three menu's that the county have already prepared, so what she is going to do for us is design a menu just for our school, using our favourite meal choices. She talked to us about how we need to have certain things in each meal and how they work that out. She is going to send the new menu through to Mrs Nicholls so we can discuss it at our next meeting along with Mrs Jones, our cook.

We will also be discussing new plates and dishes for our meals.
NEXT MEETING Friday 27th February 2015

Friday 14th November 2014
This week Lauren in year 5 suggested having school house team captains in every class. We currently have team captains in year 2 and year 6. They have responsibilites in school and during our Friday special mention assembly; they are responsible for putting the sailors onto their ships and counting how many sailors each team have. They also receive the cup on behalf of their house on Sports day.

Lauren thought this could be helpful during PE lessons and that Mr Bentham could use the team captains to help with equipment and scoring games etc. We took a vote and the school council agreed that this was a good idea. Each year group rep, took the idea back to their class and they voted to choose their team captains.

We talked about ideas for our planned Anderson shelter area- the children have got lots of fundraiser ideas. Our first focus has to be mainting a grant to buy the actual shelter itself. If anyone has any contacts could you please let Mrs Nicholls know.  

Friday 17th October 2014

This week we have been invited to take part in the speaker school council awards 2015. So today we  talked about improving our school grounds by adding an Anderson Shelter to the top playground area. We had a talk about how we could do this and agreed to bring our ideas to the next meeting.

Friday 20th September 2014
Suggestions in the suggestion box included; more slides, talent shows and more dinners.
We had a discussion about a possible Christmas talent show, which school council want to organise and run. We had a few discussions about more places to sit at playtime and more games and equpiment especially bats and balls to play different games.

The children talked about wanting a table tennis and a badminton club.

Children in KS2 felt their classrooms were too hot and wanted external doors like the new building in KS1.

Children expressed concerns over all children knowing how to use the water fountains hygenically and suggested that coloured tops for water bottles to match their house teams would be useful.

As with all school council issues these are disussed and where possible acted upon.

Friday 12th September 2014

Today was our first meeting as our new school council for this year. It went really well with all children contributing to our discussions. It was lovely to welcome all new members and even a new member to our school who has moved not just from a different school but a different country!!

School council were given a tour of the new building and shown their information board with suggestion box.

Items discussed;

New building

children commented on how different it wuss. They loved more space. They thought the classrooms in KS1 were much better as less disruptive for teachers and children in lessons. They all liked the new classrooms but children in key stage two were a little jealous and would like to now have some work done. They thought bigger classrooms were needed for the bigger children. They also thought bigger corridors would be good. They liked the doors on the classrooms and thought it gave them more privacy to work.

safety in school

children said they felt safe and settled in their new classrooms with their new teachers. When asked what kept them safe they said the new fire alarm, teachers, carpets, playtime rotas, diner ladies and the first aid area at playtime.


Children loved the new I pads and wanted more. They liked the C Touch screens in class but wanted them to all work properly.


Children talked about how they know they are doing well. They said words and writing from their teacher, tickled pink and green for growth comments in their books. Stickers, team points and post cards sent home. They also liked text messages being sent.


to ensure all children in all classes understand tickled pink and green for growth, especially those new to our school.

to monitor KS2 entrance.

to look at possible playground equpiment.

All school council members to feed back to their class.







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