National Assessments & Standards

During a child's Primary Eductaion there are set periods in their education that they are assessed & tested using National assessments. 

Nursery & Reception (Early Years Foundation Stage - EYFS)

Throughout a child's time in Nursery and Reception children's attainment is assessed against the 17 early learning goals. By the end of Reception the children are assessed as to whether they are 1 (Emerging in the standard),  2 (meeting the expected standard) or 3 (Exceeding the given standard). Assessments are primarily based on observing a child’s daily activities and events. In particular, practitioners note the learning which a child demonstrates spontaneously, independently and consistently in a range of contexts. We use Tapesty as a school, an online system, to record observations and leanring throughout the EYFS. Parents are part of this process and are able to acces their child's leanring profile at home and contrubite to the profile. 

Phonics Screening
The phonics screening test is administered at the end of year 1. The test requires children to read a range of words some real and some nonsense words. Children are required to use and draw on their Phonic skills to read the words. The test results in a pass or fail. If a child fails the phonic screening in year 1 then the repat the test in year 2. 

End of Key Stage 1 SAT's 
At the end of year 2 children take the national curriculum tests known as SAT's  in May. Teachers will use what they have seen in the classroom, as well as the results of these tests, to help judge how well a child is progressing overall in maths, reading, writing and science. Children are then assessed to be either working towards the national standard, at the expected standard or working at greater depth and exceeding the national standard. 

End of Key Stage 2 SAT's
At the end of year 6 children take the national curriculum tests known as SAT's in May. Children sit the tests in formal exam situations. The children are tested in SPAG (spelling, punctauation & grammar) , Reading, Writing and Maths. The children sit tests in all these areas except for writing which is assessed by the class teacher and schools are moderated to ensure their judgements are accurate. 

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