Residential Visits

Visit to Llandudno, North Wales.

At Shavington Primary School we pride ourselves on the number of residential visits we organise for the children in the school. We believe all experiences outside the classroom are valuable ones and the social and emotional skills the children gain by spending time away from the home environment are invaluable. All visits focus on giving children as many different 'Hands on' experiences as possible whilst developing life long knowledge and skills relating to the curriculum delivered through current topic work.

All children are supervised on residential visits in accordance with the county guidelines. Teachers also make a visit to the chosen destination prior to the children's day visit to ensure the visit matches expectation and compile extensive risk assessments of all activities to be undertaken. All risk assessments are submitted to the designated visits co coordinator, Head of School and county council for approval. All adults accompanying trips will have had an up to date DBS check.

Below are listed our residentials at present.

Year 2


This is a two night stay looking at the coastline and similarities and differences between Llandudno and Shavington; focussing on seaside holidays in the past.

Year 3 & 4 (Two yearly cycle)


This is a two night stay looking at the rural environment and taking part in many activities linked to the natural world.

Iron Bridge Gorge Museum 

This is a two night stay where the children are involved in a range of activities linked around their science topics Electricity and States of Matter. 

Year 5


This is a four night stay where the children become immersed in the French way of life. The children stay on the Normandy coast and the children visit a war cemetery, cheese farm, boulangerie and are involved in activities like fencing and archery.

Year 6


This is a two night stay where the children have a full programme in our capital city. They will take part in various activities including going to the theatre to see Matilda, visit the Harry Potter studios, go to the natural history and have lunch at the rainforest cafe.


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