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At Shavington, we are very keen to make sure our children have a voice. This is achieved at our school through children taking part in the School Council and our working towards the Investors in Pupils accreditation. 

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The School Council is a group of twelve children made up of two representatives from each class from Year 1 to Year 6 and run by Mrs Watson. The group meet every three weeks and discuss issues related to all aspects of school and community life. The issues raised in the past have been varied and all issues are taken seriously and addressed where ever possible. School council have been involved in the new school lunch system, school playground improvements, trying to make the toilets smell sweeter, rotas for football and den building, creating and implementing suggestion boxes, organising a school talent contest along with many other issues.

This academic year there will be a focus on not only improving and having a say about what goes on in school, but also the village of Shavington. We have built a link with the Neighbourhood Plan, who were eager to get the local primary school on board. 

All classes from year 1 to 6 are also holding elections for their new school council reps. Children will have the opportunity to put themselves forward to represent their class giving reasons why they think they would be good at the job. This is also a democratic process.

Our new school council members for 2016-2017 are:

Year 1- Dexta Bethany and Blake Chapman

Year 2- Ruby Buckley and Ollie Melling

Year 3- Jessica Burgess and Harley Bossons

Year 4- Caitlin Murphy and Josh Lockwood

Year 5- Casey Pontin and Charlie Buckley

Year 6- Josh Phillips and Olivia Brereton

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Our school council members for 2015-2016 were:

Year 1 William Wilkinson & Lola Timmis
Year 2 Abbie Steele & Jack Heath
Year 3 Mya Dawson & Ethan Casewell
Yerar 4 Kaden Maskery & Summer Timmis
Year 5 Ethan Preston & Mia Watts
Year 6 Adele Jones & Charlie Evans


Our school council members  for 2014 -2015 were:

Year 1 Aaron Lee & Isla Gray
Year 2 Eleanora Dawes & Joshua Lockwood 
Year 3 Jessica Hancock & Jonathon Hassal
Year 4 Marley Butler & Lauren Walton
Year 5 Charly Malam & James Bradley
Year 6 Jenna Harrison & George Belton


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