Pupil Transition

Child climbing.

We pride ourselves at Shavington in the way we approach children's transitions before, during and after school life at Shavington Primary School.

From Nursery to Reception

The move from nursery provision into school is a very important one. We are very much aware of the needs of the child and the parents at this time. The Reception teacher meets all the local providers to ensure they have a good background knowledge of all the new starters including any special educational needs. This ensures the teacher has a good foundation on which to develop relationships with the children and parents. We then invite parents, grandparents, child minders and pre school children into their new setting in a range of different situations. Several meetings are held providing opportunities to meet the staff, find out about our school, uniforms, daily routines and feel comfortable in a new environment.

Pre school children meet with their reception teacher and spend time in the reception class setting. Children are invited to a themed picnic where they can share a positive relaxed experience with the people who are important to them. Parents, grandparents and child minders are also invited to experience a cooked school lunch with their child before starting school.

Our new starters will be phased into school starting off with a series of half days then leading up to half days with lunch and finally full school days. All these dates and times are given to parents in plenty of time before starting school.

Transitions From One Year Group to the Next

During the arranged pre school meeting times all the children in the school spend time with their next class teacher in their new classroom setting. This is an excellent opportunity for the children to experience their new classroom, meet their new teacher and teaching assistant they will be working with. The children will make several visits in this way and work in their new class together. We also provide an opportunity at te beginning of the Autumn Term for parents to attend a meeting to meet their child's new class teacher; a brief talk is delivered by the class teacher about expectations in the new year group and an opportunity for parents to ask questions relevant to their child's next stage in learning.

From Year 6 to High School

We have many good established links with Shavington High School throughout the year. Our children are invited to complete courses, take part in competitions and learn new skills throughout the course of the year so for those of our children who choose to move to Shavington High school they already have positive experience to aid their transition. As well as this we also arrange times for the high school year 7 staff to come into our school to talk to our children to alleviate worries and concerns. For our year 6 children who choose a different high school we arrange for their year 7 staff to come into school to meet their new pupils and answer their worries and concerns. Our year 6 children are also offered the opportunity to visit their chosen high school in the summer term.

New Pupils

For any pupils who join us throughout the school year we ensure the transition is as smooth as possible. We welcome new pupils and their family to visit our school. When new pupils start we buddy them with a pupil in their class who shows them around and helps them to make new friends and feel comfortable in their new environment. We use the records from the child's previous school to assess where their learning needs are to ensure they are grouped appropriately in the classroom.

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