We are very proud of the opportunities we give children to perform to an audience.

During the Summer Term, all classes perform a class assembly to their parents. This is on a Tuesday morning at 9am in the KS1 hall. The dates for each class assembly can be found on the school website calendar and also on the weekly Newsletters. The assembly is based around their learning from the year and involves all children. Parents are then invited to stay for light refreshments with their children. 

In addition all year groups have an opportunity to perform an annual production to parents and the wider community; this encourages children to grow and develop their creative art skills.

Nursery & Reception

Our youngest children take part in a lovely traditional natvity story. There is singing and dancing and of course a chance for parents and grandparents to share in this magical moment. 

Key Stage 1

At Christmas time KS1 children perform a musical production based around the traditional nativity story. Year 1 children learn and perform a wide range of lively songs with actions. A small group of Year 1 children accompany the singing playing percussion instruments. The performance allows the children in Year 2 to build on their acting, speaking and musical skills. We offer parents and grandparents the oppportunity to enjoy this performance and also the opportunity to purchase photographs of their children in costume and a DVD of the performance for a memento of their child's staring role. These performances are for adults only.

Key Stage 2

At the end of the Summer term the children in Years 3,4, 5 and 6 take to the boards for their Summer Show. Year 6 take on the main acting roles whilst year 5 offer support with props and scenery. Years 3 and 4 offer their musical and singing talents to the performance. The production is always high energy, challenging and lots and lots of fun! Once again children are given the opportunity to develop and thrive in the arts, performing, learning lines, singing, designing and creating scenery and props. The children and staff work hard to produce high quality performances that we are all very proud of. Once again we are delighted to offer parents, grandparents and the wider community the chance to share in the success of our pupils . DVD's and photographs can also be purchased of the children in their roles. As with KS1 we ask that adults only attend these perfromances.

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