Caring for your child

We are very conscious of the responsibility we have for the children whilst they are in our charge and provide the care that any responsible parent would provide. The children are supervised at playtimes and dinnertimes and movement around the school is kept as calm as possible.

It is vital that we have up to date emergency contact numbers for every child. If you do have any change of details then please let the office know as soon as possible. At the beginning of each academic year a new contact form is sent home for parents to complete. We then use this to update all our sytems in school.

Because of the day to day contact with children, schools are particularly well placed to observe outward signs of abuse, changes in behaviour or failure to thrive or progress. Parents should be aware, therefore, that where it appears to a member of staff that a child may have been neglected or abused, the school is required, as part of the Cheshire Child Protection procedures, to report their concerns to the ChECS team (Cheshire east Consultaion Service).

LINKS (Learn Individual New Key Skills)

We are very fortunate to operate LINKS sessions as part of our regular school timetable. These sessions involve children working on specific skills with desiganted experienced adults. They may work in small groups on on one to one focussed activities. These sessions allow us to meet the academic, social and emotional elements of learning. They allow us to meet the needs of all our children and to build self esteem and confidence.

LINKS stands for Learn, Individual, New Key, Skills. We run specific LINKS sessions based on speech and language therapy, fine and gross motor skills, occupational therapy sessions and consolodation of Numeracy and Literacy skill based sessions. Throughout all these sessions the children are encouraged to develop their social skills through cooperation and interaction with their peers and adults in appropriate ways.

The children are motivated and encouraged to take pride in their work and achievements and to celebrate all that is positive. During these sessions children will be engaged in a range of activities that will strengthen and support a range of key skills for learning and for life.

Our LINKS room is run by Miss Spencer and Miss Hulse.  Both Miss Spencer and Miss Hulse work alongside all teachers to support our children and work closely with Mrs Gawn our SENCO (Special Needs Coordinator) to plan valuable learning experiences. Mrs Wilkinson and Mrs Mills also work within our LINKS provision specifically working on speech and language and Dyslexia specific strategies. 

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