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Modern Foreign Languages

At Shavington, we are proud to offer French as part of your child's languages programme of study. It is predominantly taught as a seperate subject.

French is taught in all year groups throughout the school, with a wide range of topics covered. Learning a second language from a young age has proven extremely effective. Our aim is that by the time our children leave in Year 6, they will have mastered basic French conversation, and be fully prepared for their language learning in secondary school.

Our aim, which is at the heart of the programme of study for KS2, is to develop an enthusiastic and positive attitude to other languages and language learning. We hope to encourage a life-long love of language learning among our pupils in order to enhance their understanding of the world and their future economic well-being.

Some classrooms will have French words and displays. Items, objects and furniture are all abelled around the school.

Aims and Objectives

The aim of MFL is to enrich learning for all pupils and to develop confidence and competence to teach MFL for teachers.


•To increase an interest in learning other languages and about different cultures.

•To develop speaking and listening, reading and writing in a foreign language.

•To increase their awareness of other cultures through learning about different countries & their people, and working with materials from different countries and community.

•To develop positive attitudes towards the learning of foreign languages generally;


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