Investors in Pupils

Investors in Pupils is built on the principle of valuing the views and opinions of pupils and giving them a voice in the running of school. It also helps to raise achievement throughout the whole school.

The 5 main areas of Investors in Pupils are:



We aim to improve attendance through incentives such as awards for best weekly attendance at school.


 By embracing the principles and practice of Investors in Pupils and the aims of Building Learning Power, using our positive behaviour policy, staff hope to notice changes and improvements in pupil behaviour and their commitment to learning.

Classroom Management

Children will learn the importance of economic well-being and learn about spending money wisely. In addition, they will work collectively towards a class goal and acquire the skills required to work as a team and succeed. Each class has created a ‘mission statement’ in which the children outlined a clear focus for what they wanted their classes to be like and how they would like to be treated and treat each other.


Children are aiming to become better learners through the setting of targets, both personal and whole class. They are decided by the children, which allows them to be involved with their own learning.


Each class has their own ‘Welcome’ or ‘Induction’ book which help children to feel confident & raise self-esteem. It enables new pupils, new staff and visitors to learn a little bit of information about class routines and get to know the children in it.




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