Inclusive Education

It is estimated that twenty percent of all children will experience a special educational need at some point in their school career. In order to ensure that such needs are identified as early as possible, progress and development are carefully monitored. The school’s aim is to enable such pupils to have full access to a balanced curriculum, tailored to their individual needs.

If a class teacher has concerns regarding a child's learning and progress parent's will always be informed and consulted. Individual educational programmes are devised in school and, where appropriate the help and guidance of relevant outside agencies are sought. Parent's will be involved in any decision to involve outside agencies.

The school is fortunate in having experienced and highly qualified staff and parents should feel confident that all pupils' progress is carefully monitored. Termly reviews are held for pupils at school with special educational needs.Our SENCO is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operation of the school’s SEN Policy.

Children who are performing at a substantially more advanced level than their class mates will be identified and work planned accordingly.  Our school policy is to identify through clear curriculum guidelines those children who have outstanding abilities. Opportunities are given for children to develop their specific skills or talents right across the curriculum.

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