Home and School


Shavington Primary School is a school in a village in Cheshire. We feel it is very important for children in our school to be aware of what happens in other areas of our country and countries in Europe and the developing world. We are therefore very keen to foster links between home and school, local community and school and the wider world and school.

Home & School Partnerships

We are very keen to make sure parents and carers feel fully involved in their child’s education. We like to meet parents regularly to discuss their child's progress. Parents evenings are held each term. Children's work is then displayed and class teachers and teaching assistants are available to meet parents. Time is necessarily brief on the parents evenings, but if parents need a longer discussion we are happy to arrange a meeting at another time. Teachers are also available immediately before and after school for any worries or concerns.

Parents receive regular weekly newsletters giving information about school dates and activities. We also have a Parents Forum where a group of parents, one from each year group, meet with the Headteacher to discuss issues relating to all aspects of school life.

Each child has a Home School diary which we encourage parents to use to communicate with their child’s class teacher.

We provide many opportunities for parents, grandparents and the community to share the activities we do in our school.

Parent's and grandparent's day in the spring term is another opportunity for the children to share their learning with their families. The children work together with their family member on various practical tasks to demonstrate their learning and skills. It is also an excellent opportunity for the children to share their school and be proud of their achievements.

Local Community & School Partnerships

Various events throughout the year support our local community including the giving of harvest boxes, Christmas gifts, and providing a Christmas dinner in school for the elderly in the village.

The Wider World & School Partnerships

We are very proud of the excellent links to a number of international schools we have developed. We have been active members of two international projects; the Comenius project and the DFID Global gateways. Both of these projects have enabled many staff and pupils to experience life in a different culture. We have established links with schools in Scotland, France, Italy, Turkey and Tanzania. We have recently completed our project.

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