Local Advisory Board

Shavington Primary School's Local Advisory Board are an important layer in the management and organisation of our school. 

At Shavington we have 8 members of the board.

Staff members

  • Miss A. Brock
    (14/11/17 - 13/11/21) 

  • Mrs R. Nicholls (Headteacher) 

Parent members

  • Mr M Jones - Chair/Vice Chair - (Premises/Health &Safety lead, PE, Sports Premium, ) (27/5/16 to 26/5/20)
  • Mr S Lee - Chair/Vice Chair -(Maths, Science & ICT)
    (27/5/16 to 26/5/20)

Co-opted members

  • Miss E. Appleyard (DT, Art, Music & Languages) 
    (4/10/16 to 3/10/20)
  • Rev. Denise Harding 
    (6/2/18 to 5/2/22)
  • Miss A. Fisher (English, EYFS, RE & SMSC, Child Protection, SEN & Pupil Premium)
    (31/01/18 to 30/1/22)

Associate - Non Voting members

  • Miss R Wollaston- School Business Manager

Meet our Advisory Board...

Emma Appleyard


I have lived in Nantwich all my life and I was educated at local schools and colleges, namely Brine Leas and South Cheshire College.

I qualified as a Solicitor in 2010 and specialise in Dispute Resolution and Employment, I find both Departments interesting and challenging.  I meet a variety of people in my day to day work.  I started as a Trainee and have progressed to be Head of Department.   I enjoy networking for the firm and take part in local events such as the Nantwich Show and Food Festival. 

I enjoy socialising with my friends and family. I love watching and playing netball. When I am not socialising or playing netball I enjoy a good movie.

Mark Jones

I have lived in Shavington all my life and attended both primary and junior school (a long time ago!) and have therefore witnessed many changes to the school over the years. 

I currently work at South Cheshire College in a role that is finance and welfare based assisting students from all backgrounds and abilities. I am also qualified to teach and assess post 14 age group students, and am familiar with the Ofsted inspection frameworks. 

I have two children who attend the school and am keen to be involved in the development and future of the school both as a parent and for the benefit of the wider community.

Steve Lee

I have lived in Shavington for over 10 years having returned to Cheshire after spending my early career working in the Midlands. I attended Nantwich & Acton Grammar School and have strong links with the area.

I have two children at the school, Jacob in year 2 and Samuel in Reception, and want to provide whatever support is needed to maintain the high standards of our local primary.

My background is in Financial Services & Customer Support and I currently work in Hanley. I enjoy travel and, as a family, we try to visit a different country each year to experience something new each time. I also enjoy socialising with family and friends.


Andrea Fisher
I have been a parent governor at Shavington Primary school since 2014 and during this time I have seen the school go from strength to strength. I have worked as a primary school teacher for over 20 years and recently became Assistant Principal in the school that I currently work in. During my time as a teacher, I have worked across all ages from Nursery to Year 2. As holder of the Forest Schools Qualification, I have experience of running Forest School sessions for children across Years 3 – 6. I have experience of being a Literacy co-ordinator, maths co-ordinator and RE co-ordinator across a school. My current responsibilities include being Head of KS1, temporary leader of EYFS and SEND lead across the school where I work. I am familiar with data as well as the strategies used for measuring progress across a primary school. I have enjoyed gaining experience as a parent governor and I feel passionate about encouraging each child to be the best that they can be. I feel that the vast experience I have in education has enabled me to support the Governing Body of Shavington Primary School in sustaining its good educational aims for the children.


  • Our advisory board meet to discuss issues surrounding school and the issues are discussed and shared in two meetings per term and are formally chaired and minutes are recorded. 

  • All members have specific responsibilities to curriculum areas within school also. 

  • Declarations are completed by all members at all meetings. All members have declared their Pecuniary interests.

Name of Member

Interest Declared

Miss A Brock

Non Relevant 

Mrs R Nicholls

Non Relevant

Mr M Jones

Non Relevant

Miss A Fisher

Non Relevant

Mr S Lee

Non Relevant

Rev Denise Harding

Non Relevant

Miss E Appleyard

Non Relevant

Miss R Wollaston

Non Relevant



Mrs Wendy Bloor - Staff Member

Mrs Sylvia Siddorns - Co-opted Member

All Local Advisory board meetings are clerked by Debbie Tomkinson who is an independent clerk. 

What binds all of us, regardless of our status is the key question "What is the best thing for the school and the children who attend it both now and in the future?" If you would like to meet the Chair of the board for whatever reason, please contact the school office or the Head of School in the first instance.

To view the Three Year Budget Plan for the School please click on the document below.


Attendance Record - LAB Committee Meetings – Shavington Primary School 2018/2019





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Mark Jones



Steve Lee



Andrea Fisher



Emma Appleyard



Amy Brock


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