Foundation Subjects


All children are regularly encouraged both to make their own music and to enjoy and appreciate that of other individuals, communities and cultures. The school also encourages children to learn to play a musical instrument. The school uses "Music for life" who offer a variety of instrumental tuition. The lessons take place within the school day and lessons are paid for by parents. Opportunities are made for the children to share their musical experiences in assemblies, festivals, concerts and other celebrations.

Design & Technology

Display of wild animals made by children.The children are given the opportunity to use a wide variety of tools and materials. They design, manufacture, test and evaluate their own products with the emphasis on problem solving and developing their own ideas. The areas covered include work with food, wood, textiles, graphics and construction kits.


Each child is encouraged to produce a high standard of work for personal development. All children are taught different techniques using a wide variety of materials. During their time at school children will learn about the work of different artists. On a regular basis work will be displayed within the school and community.

History & Geography

In history and geography we aim to develop a child’s interest in his/her surroundings and the wider world and to encourage a curiosity about events and people from the past. This is achieved where possible; with a ‘hands on’ approach, through field trips, residential visits, the use of role play and specialist visitors to school who share their enthusiasms and skills.

Physical Education

The children are encouraged to appreciate the fun and value of exercise through taking part in a wide variety of physical activities, including games, gymnastics, swimming, athletics and dance. We have several sports clubs, annual sports days and sporting events. We offer opportunities to compete competatively against other schools in local sporting events including Town Sports. Children in Year 3 have the opportunity to visit the swimming baths for a course of lessons during the year. Children in years 4,5 & 6 are given the opportunity to swim again if they are unable to swim 25m. Children also have the opportunity to work with sports coaches to develop sport specific skills. The overall aim of our P.E. is to encourage each child to take a pride in the confident, controlled and skilful use of the body in a wide range of challenging activities. Residential visits are organised for children in Year 2,3,4,5 and 6.


This is not a separate subject but an integral part of our Health Education programme through which children learn to value themselves and others, develop an understanding of how the body works, changes and functions. Parents will be informed when lessons are to take place. If, for any reason, parents wish to withdraw their child from a PSHCE lesson they should contact the Head teacher and alternative arrangements will be made.

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