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Our learning power animals help us to be the very best.While the ecadets keep us safe with our online learning with each new and exciting quest.


Welcome to Shavington Primary School's eCadets webpage.  At Shavington we know how wonderful the internet is but also how important it is to keep safe online.

At Shavington we have ecadets that lead the school in how to keep safe online.  Our eCadets deliver a challenge to all of the school each half term that looks at different elements of safety.   These challenges help them to learn new online skills and share their knowledge across the school community.

This page will keep you up to date with all the of the challenges that our ecadet team will be doing.

Meet our ecadets  

Blake Chapman (Year 4)           Harriet Gawn (Year 4)



   Ollie Melling(Year 5)                             Emma Ashcroft    (Year 5)


National internet safety day 11th February 2020

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This year we have joined together to look at our own personal identities on line and how it is important to celebrate our uniqness but we also have to think about our safety. The Ecadets did a fantastic job- yet again, delivering assemblies to all the children across the school ready for an afternoon of focused work around this years theme. Classes have all come together to create some lovely work as well as coming together to have some really mature and sensible discussions about our use of the internet and how to keep ourselves safe when using it. The ecadets are going to continue this theme next term throughout the school gathering thoughts from the children and making interent safety an integral part of our enjoyment of the internet. 



National internet safety day 5th February 2019

We all took part in national internet safety day on tuesday. The Ecadets did a fantastic job in delivering assemblies to both KS1 and KS2 and then all the classes did work in their individual classes looking at this year's theme- Together for a better internet. 

There are some great resources for parents if you want to continue to look at this at home which you will see in the file section on this page. You can also access additional information by looking at the links below:





Welcome the new E Cadets November 2018

We have worked really hard in the first half term back to make sure that all this years challenges are ready to share with the school and that we have selected just the right candidates to join us in our quest to keep Shavington children safe whilst on the internet. The current E Cadets took the role very seriously and devised questions to ask the children who wanted to be considered for the positions. We are happy to welcome four new children to our team - two from year 3 and two from year 4.

Recruiting new ECadets 

Now that we have started a new year we will need new ecadets in years 3 and 4. Our current ecadets will be working with children from these year groups to find four new children to join this hardworking team. Keep an eye out, the new Ecadets will be selected soon.

Safeguarding conference.

A massive well done to the Ecadets and digital leaders for their presentation and participation in the very first Childre's Safeguarding conference.

Last Friday children from year 4 and year 5 attended the children's safeguarding conference at Leighton Academy. At the conference, the children shared with other schools in the area all of the things that Shavington primary did to promote esafety  for safer internet day. The children did a brilliant presentation and lead the different schools in completing a task about keeping themselves safe online.

As well as presenting, the children also learnt about what other schools had been doing. They heard presentations about bullying initiatives, keeping safe on the railway, keeping safe on the road and other great esafety messages. The children Involved were an absolute credit to the school, they took on each task with great enthusiasm and really thought about how they could use what they have learnt to share with the rest of the school. A great day was had by all.

Autumn term 2 (2016) Our new ecadets

We are delighted to announce that our new year 3 ecadets are Aaron Lee and Sienna Butler. They were interviewed by our current ecadets and shone through in the interviews. Well done you two!!!


Autumn term 1 (2016) Recruiting our new ecadets to year 3

Welcome back everyone. We hope that you have had a great holiday and that you have been safe online. This term we have 3 new challenges to get going with. As we say goodbye to last year's year 6 pupils all the other Ecadets move up in their new posts, which means we are in search of 2 new Ecadets for year 3. We will be recruiting with the new year 3 children and can't wait to announce who our new Ecadets are, so watch this space!

Summer term 1 PEGI ratings challenge

Happy days! We have completed our first challenge as eCadets.

It was all about PEGI ratings and being safe when playing games. PEGI ratings (Pan European Game Information) are like age ratings for games. They also have other badges that warn you about what is in the game.

There are two eCadets in every class in ks2. They all taught their own class about the ratings on games and what to do if there isn’t any. We also talked about who is responsible for keeping us safe online and realised that the most important person is ourselves. In addition we showed the children a power point that the eCadets made (you can see this in the attachments at the bottom)





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