Clubs & Activities


The clubs that we offer are intended to appeal to a variety of interests and talents as part of our enrichment programme for the children.

Click on this link to view information about our Chess Club

At the beginning of each term a letter is sent home showing which clubs will be running during the term and at what times. We have moved to use an online sytem called "School Interviews" for parents to sign the children up to the clubs they want to take part in. Each term a list of the clubs will be sent home with a code which can be entered into the sytem. Parents can then sign their child/children up to the clubs they wish to take part in. Children can select as many clubs as they wish from the list. 

School staff offer a variety of clubs during lunch time and after school. We also provide additional clubs which are run by outside agencies including music for life and Premier Sports. Most of our clubs are free but those run by our outside agencies do have a fee. All details are included in the Clubs letter. A copy of the clubs letter can be found on this page and also in the virtual office section of the website.

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