Shavington Primary School aims to work together with parents to ensure that children of compulsory age attend both regularly and punctually. We recognise that every stakeholder has a role and responsibilities to play in attendance.

Please remember that if your child has an attendance of 95% across the year it means they have missed on average 1 day of school every 4 weeks. We do understand that children do get ill, however it is important that they attend as much as possible. No holidays will be authorised in term time and as such may lead to a fixed penalty notice. Full details are given in the attendance policy.

Please see the link below for more information.

The attendance policy is available for you to download in full at the bottom of this page.

Both school gates open at 8.40. At this time all the internal classroom doors wil be open for children to come into school and take part in a maths morning activity. School officially starts at 8.50am at which time all the school classroom doors will be shut. If your child arrives after this time then they are expected to enter school through the main office And sign in using our electronic system. School registers are closed at 9am. Any child arriving after 9 will be recorded as late. 

Please make sure that the school is contacted if your child is not going to be attending school. We ask parents to ring each day that their child will be absent for school. We operate a first day contact system, therefore if no message has been received the office will attempt to contact you using your phone numbers and text if there is no response. Please note it is parents responsibility to update the office should your contact details change. 

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