Year 3J 2019 - 2020

Mr Jordan

Miss Vickers

Miss Vickers

Welcome back!


Our Mission Statement as Year 4

We are the real life Incredibles!

Other classes look at us in awe, we put the awe in awesome!

4J believe that having fun in learning is the way education should be. 

Our class think that giving up is not an option!

We are the rhinos of learning.

When ever someone is needed, we’ll be there.

We always listen if someone has something to say.

If you listen, you learn quickly.


Ain’t no mountain high enough. Ain’t no valley low enough.




The book we will be using to support our learning this term is Ancient Greece. This is an amazing topic that is full of incredible myths and legends. We will be exploring some of the main myths and legends from Ancient Greece and in particular, the monsterous gorgon, Medusa. We will be investigating how the Greeks developed democracy as well as origins of the Olympic games. We will be having a fantastic Greek Day, where we will be learning about the difference and similiarities between the Athenians and Spartans. We will also be enjoying a Greek day based on the language and food/drink cultures. It is going to be a terrific topic and we will be using a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction books to support our learning. 


We are going to have the best final term as possible, to top off what has been an incredible year!  It's going to be FANTASTIC! We can't wait!



All of you will be given a new topic homework plan and this will be stuck into your Home School Diary. There will also be a copy attached on our Year 4 web page when the homework grid is completed.

We also continue to ask you to enjoy reading regularly at home, work on your times tables and we may set additional maths tasks which can be completed through the online 'My Maths' program or using 'Sumdog'. These activities will continue to be recorded in Home School Diaries. In Year 4, there is a huge focus on times tables. Please can children ensure that they are learning their times tables on a regular basis. The National Curriculum states that pupils should be able to fluently recall their times tables up to 12 x 12. Here is a link which can help children recall their tables fluently and efficiently.




The children will be given weekly spellings on a Monday and tested on the following Monday.

I will upload a copy of the list of words to the 'Spellings' tab found at the top of our class page. 



Children are encouraged to continue reading at home and keep a record of this in their journals. This can be a book they have chosen from the school library or one that they are reading at home. I will be checking the children's journals weekly to see if they are keeping their reading record up-to-date. Please can you help by initialing any reading that your child does.

There are some suggested reading books at the bottom of this page under 'Files to download'.



PE is every Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning. Children will need both their indoor and outdoor kit with them at all times.  These are to stay in school for the whole half term. Both sessions will be taught by Mr. Slaney. 


Water Bottles

All children have been provided with a school water bottle. These need to be kept in school during the week and taken home to be washed on a Friday. 


Outdoor shoes and coats 

All children should have a pair of outdoor shoes and a coat in school for play times and lunch times. 





Many thanks for your continued support


Mr D Jordan




Files to Download

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