Year 2B 2019 - 2020

Mrs Bloor

Mrs Bloor

Mrs Wain

Mrs Wain

Welcome back to the Summer Term in year 2!


We hope that you have had a lovely Easter break and are looking forward to our third and final term in year 2 - where has all that time gone?? We have lots of exciting things planned this term and we're really looking forward to getting started.



This term our topic is 'Castles'. We will be learning all about what the first castles were like and comparing these to castles that are still around today. We will be looking at all the features of Motte and Bailey castles and Concentric castles. The children will also be thinking about the people who would have lived in castles years ago and what their jobs might have been. During our exciting residential visit to Conwy, we will be visiting Conwy castle and having a look around. In our science lessons this term we will be learning about plants and living things and their habitats. The children will be planting some seeds and watching what happens as they grow.


Who works with us in year 2?

In year 2 we have lots of people that help with the children's learning. Miss Simms is the class teacher in 2S and Miss Watts also works with us. Next door we have Mr Hazeldine who teaches 2H and Mrs Wilkinson who also works with 2H.


PE kits

The children need to have a PE kit in school at the start of each half term. This should include indoor and outdoor clothes. PE kits can remain in school and will be sent home at the end of the half term to be washed. PE lessons take place on Tuesdays with Mr Hazeldine and Wednesdays with Mr Jones.


Water bottles

Every child has access to fresh drinking water throughout the day. Please ensure that your son or daughter has a water bottle in school. This will be sent home every Friday to be washed and refilled with water for Monday.


Book bags

Your child needs to have their book bag in school everyday.  They will change their reading books every week on a specific day when they have guided reading.  Regular reading at home will ensure that your child makes good progress. Each week your child will have a 'Reading Focus' stuck into their diary. These contain suggestions to help you develop you child's comprehension skills.



In Year 2 the children will have spellings to learn.  New words are sent home every Tuesday in the children's home school diaries and the children will have a spelling test on the following Monday. 



At the of KS1, year 2 children are required to sit the SATs tests. These have to be done during May. We would encourage you not to book any holidays during May (unless they are in the May half term). The SATs are done as informally as possible and we don't tend to tell the children they are taking SATs. Instead, we refer to any assessments in year 2 as 'quizzes'. This helps the children to feel more relaxed. We will do a range of 'quizzes' through out the year so as the children are familiar with the format and feel at ease when they are taking the SATs in May.


Summer term homework

The Summer Term homework has been uploaded to our website page under the tab 'Homework'. There is also one in your child's diary. The children need to complete enough homework in the term to gain 12 points.  There will be a homework exhibition at the end of the term and an opportunity for you to view the pieces of work completed by the classes. The dates for the submission of homework and the exhibition are on the homework grid and on the school calendar.


Thank you for your support.

Miss Simms and Miss Watts
















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