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I.C.T. and English, by Miss Spencer

Tech Ed Afternoon, by Miss Chapman

Fire service visit, by Miss Johnson

17.01.2020, by Miss Brock

Peter Thorpe art work, by Miss Spencer

Fireman visit, by Mr Wakefield

TechEd, by Miss Simms

Crime Scene Investigation, by Miss Simms

Art afternoon , by Miss Chapman

Welcome Back!, by Mr Lawrie

Trip to Hickorys, by Miss Chapman

Trip to Hickory’s, by Miss Brock

Breakfast at Hickory’s, by Miss Spencer

Emergency services week, by Miss Simms

Mick has come to visit!!!, by Mrs Hunter

Phonics stay and play, by Mr Wakefield

22.11.19 - Year 6, by Miss Brock

Labyrinth, by Miss Simms

Mini Kickers, by Mr Wakefield

Chester Trip, by Mr Lawrie

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