Year 6 Week Beginning 15.01.18

Date: 28th Jan 2018 @ 1:05pm

This week we have been working on editing and improving our setting descriptions from last week, looking specifically at how to add extra detail in, check punctuation, grammar and use descriptive techniques. We have then read another Legend on the Sword in the Stone. We have created a story map to retell the main parts of the story, using characters’ names and settings.


In our maths work we have been finishing off some work with fractions and finding whole amounts. We have moved on to using short division to find decimals answers. We will use this to help us with converting fractions to equivalent decimals. We have also been working on some of our mental maths and times tables then applying this to arithmetic questions.


For topic this week we have been focussing on counties in our country and which counties surround Cheshire. We have been looking at the eight compass points that help us with reading maps.


Our topic in Science at the moment is light. We have been learning all about how we see things and how the eye works.


Homework grids: The new homework grids were given to the children on Monday. A copy of the new grid has been uploaded to the website and the children have a copy stuck in their diaries. As we also have weekly homework tasks in Year 6, we only ask that the children complete 6 of the 12 points, so that they are still included and contributing towards the whole school homework and have something to share during our homework celebration event at the end of the term.

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