Year 5 Week beginning 20.11.2017

Date: 26th Nov 2017 @ 11:22am

This week in year 5, we have enjoyed reading some more of our class text. It has turned out that the boys in our story were telling the truth, there was a German plane that had crashed on the moors! The boys have found the two German pilots, one of them is injured and they now need to decide if they should help them or not. Our genre for this week is to write a balanced argument, looking at both the for and against reasons for helping the two pilots. We enjoyed discussing lots of reasons on Tuesday and we came up with some fantastic           arguments which we shared as a class.
In maths, we have moved onto looking at multiples, factors and prime numbers. We have been identifying all of the prime numbers up to 100 and we know that prime numbers are special because they only have 2 factors, 1 and itself. Please keep practising times tables at home, they will help us in our maths lessons. I have set a Sumdog challenge for the weekend so that everyone has the chance to keep practising what we have been learning this week.
In science, we have started our new topic 'Forces'. We have been looking at forces and describing them as a push, pull or a twist.  We   re-enacted some of the forces in pairs and spoke about where we see forces in real life.
In our art lesson, we have continued to look at different materials when sketching, including graphite and charcoal, and we created our own WW2 art for our topic books.
Have a lovely weekend and see you on Monday.

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