Year 5 week beginning 18.09.2017

Date: 26th Sep 2017 @ 5:38pm

We've had a really exciting week in year 5. The trip on Monday was so much fun! It was great to see the children dressed up and really immersing themselves into WWII. We were told we were off to be billeted and at one point, we actually started to believe it! The air raid shelter was definitely our favourite part, it was amazing! We were imagining what it must have been like to hear the bombs going off around us and how squashed it must have been. At one point, Warden Marshall, who was our guide, switched the torches off down one of the tunnels. Our guide explained to us that we had just experienced total darkness; we couldn’t even see our hands in front of our faces! We were complimented by members of the public, who said how well behaved year 5 were. I was very proud of them all! I have put some photos on the year 5 blog so you can have a look and your child can explain what they did and where they went.
In maths, we have been looking at Roman numerals and rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. We are amazing at Roman numerals and we have even been writing the date in our maths books using them! Rounding can be a bit tricky, but we are all getting the hang of it. We know that when it’s 5 or above we round up and when it is 4 or below we round down.
In English, we have been writing up our diary. The trip has definitely inspired the writing in the class, they are brilliant! The diaries were full of ‘show not tell’ sentences; ask your child to explain what they are.
In P.E., we have been working on our team work skills and we have enjoyed some games of tag rugby.
Thank you to all of year five’s parents for working so hard on the costumes and also to those who volunteered to come with us.

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