Year 5 Week beginning 09.10.2017

Date: 16th Oct 2017 @ 12:59pm

This week in year 5, we have been learning new methods of addition and subtraction in our maths lessons. We are learning to ‘knock next door’ in subtraction when the step can’t be completed. We are currently practising these new compact methods and we are hoping to use our new knowledge to complete some problem solving questions next week.

In English, our writing genre for this week has been to write a letter as an evacuee. We have been looking at different types of letters, informal and formal. We used a Venn diagram to display the similarities and differences between the two types of letter. We decided that if we wrote home to our mum, we would be writing an informal letter. We have continued to read our class text and we are happy to know that David and his friend Tucky are enjoying their new life in the countryside.

Our SPaG focus for this week is still relative clauses, which we have been practising and we are hoping to add them into our letters home.

In topic, we have looked at evacuation. We were able to explain why the children were moved from the cities to the countryside. We have finished our evacuee suitcases and I asked everyone to think of 3 things that they would take in their suitcase if they were evacuated. Could everyone please bring in either photos or the items in on Monday so that they can have their photos taken with their items and suitcases for their topic books?


Have a great weekend everyone!

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