Year 5 WB 11.09.2017

Date: 18th Sep 2017 @ 5:35pm

What a fantastic week we have had in year 5!  WW2 is proving to be a very interesting topic! We are all engrossed!  We have learnt all about why WW2 began and we had a debate to see if Hitler was right to go to war. We enjoyed listening to Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain's speech declaring war and discussed how we may have felt if we'd been listening to the announcement on the 3rd of September 1939.
In Geography, we have looked at the countries that Hitler invaded. We have used our knowledge to locate and colour countries on a map. We realised why we were lucky that we were an island!
In maths, we have been looking at place value and learning our numbers up to 1,000,000. We have learnt how to represent numbers in different ways and even created our own representations.
In English, we have been predicting and then reading our class text, Friend or Foe.  We  spent time thinking and discussing how the main character, David, was feeling during the events, especially when he had to leave his mum and we also spoke about what life was like during WW2 when they had to be evacuated.  We have also started to look at the features  of a diary and we enjoyed our drama lesson today, where we all took on the roles of evacuees.  
Our shoes boxes have started to be transformed into evacuee suitcases, we are looking forward to seeing the final result.
We are very excited about our trip on Monday!

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