Year 4 Ironbridge Day 1

Date: 28th Jun 2016 @ 10:13am

We arrived safely at Blists Hill and had lots of fun exploring the Victorian Town. We were very lucky with the weather and even had some sunshine! We spent all day visiting the different Victorian buildings and listening to the people we came across. Our favourite was the candlemaker - he was very funny and showed us a huge candle he had made! It must've taken him ages!! 

We enjoyed a nice picnic at Blists Hill and we even had time to visit the sweet shop and the fun fair! 

When we got back to the hostel we spent time unpacking and making sure our rooms were tidy and then we went for our evening meal. We were very excited to take part in our evening activity - Cake in a Cup. We had to following the instructions and make sure we got the ingredients right and remember two rules: mix well and not to touch the microwaves! The cake was very yummy and we even got some ice cream with our exploding chocolate cake. 

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Helen Evans wrote:

Lovely pictures I love Blist Hill brilliant place. Would be nice to be able to purchase certain photos.

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