Week beginning Monday 20th November 2017

Date: 28th Nov 2017 @ 3:39pm

The children really enjoyed The Three Little Pigs last week, so we decided to continue with this theme again this week.

This week we have been learning all about speech bubbles and recognising them in our favourite books and traditional
tales. We started the week by writing a sentence to go into a speech bubble for the Big Bad Wolf and throughout the week the children had the opportunity to write in speech bubbles for other characters such as Goldilocks and Little Red Riding Hood.

We have also started writing Super Sentences every
morning. Super Sentences encourage the children to mark make and write as soon as they come into school during registration time. At the start of the week, there is a labelled picture displayed and the children copy the word into their Super Sentence book and the children extend their sentence by a word per day. At the end of the week, the children are challenged to write the sentence independently with just the picture displayed.

The children have enjoyed investigating materials that can and cannot be blown away. Each day the children worked in groups to predict which materials can be blown away and then used a straw to see if their predictions were correct.

We have also started preparing for our Christmas performance by practising the songs that we will be singing. We are very excited! 

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