Week beginning Monday 13th November 2017

Date: 28th Nov 2017 @ 3:20pm

In Reception this week we have been learning all about The Three Little Pigs. We started the week by reading the story in Literacy and discussing what happened in the beginning, middle and end and the characters in the story. The children enjoyed joining in with the familiar phrases in the story and enjoyed reading the story alongside Mrs Glover. Later in the week, the children had to pretend that they were a character in the story whilst the rest of the children asked them questions. This was quite tricky as the children who were being hot-seated had to think of an answer on the spot.  During the focused activity, the children have continued to practise their writing whilst using their phonics to segment and spell.

During 'Get Busy' time the children had exciting Three Little Pigs activities. In the Reading Area, the children had a story box with the main characters, so that they could re-enact the story. In the Writing Area the children were able to make 'WANTED' posters for the Big Bad Wolf and there was a threading activity for the children to improve their fine motor skills. In the Maths area, the children had a Three Little Pigs board game, this helped with number recognition and counting beyond 10.

To celebrate Good Friendship Week we talked about kindness and how we can be kind to others. The children had some great suggestions. We introduced the Kindness Pot that had lots of kindness challenges in it. The children enjoyed selecting a challenge at random and completing the challenge.

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