Week beginning 25/4/16

Date: 2nd May 2016 @ 11:04pm

I am certain we will have a few 'Sumdog Millionaires' soon - due to all the coins that the children have been collecting this week on our new Maths App 'Sumdog'. 

The class absolutely love these games and they were really keen to keep answering maths questions to build up their coins and to use their brain power to buy different items within the game. Keep going guys - your ability scores are getting higher and higher all the time!

In Literacy we have looked again at class rules, playground rules and friendship rules and how we need to adhere to these rules for our school games to be fair for everyone. We also looked at the rules of society and what is acceptable in the 'real world' and what is not. From these discussions we considered how we can spot people's emotions through their non-verbal communication. This was trickier than we thought and even Miss Hulse struggled with a few! We did some role-play, acting out certain emotions and seeing if the class (and staff!) could recognise their emotions. Some children automatically acted out 'anger' when they meant to act out 'embarrassment' and we quickly realised that sometimes we become angry when we think people may be laughing at us when we are embarrassed.

In RE we have begun focusing on the religion of Islam. We learnt that Muslims have a God called Allah and that he has 99 names based on his attributes. We found out that Muslims are forbidden to draw Allah, so we must not attempt to draw him either. We also found out that Muslims have Prayer Beads and they use these to recite the names of Allah and that they 'sing' the names to try to remember them. To fit in with our literacy focus, we had a go at listing the attributes of our friends on Prayer Beads and stating why they were so wonderful in our eyes.

In science, we have been looking at 'Light' as our new topic. In the last few weeks we have been focussed on 'mirrors' and how they reflect light on different surfaces and how they have an effect on images. We drew words in the mirrors and then used mirrors to decode other people's messages. This was really fun, but really hard too! 

In Topic we have been using the IPads to find out as much as we can about Burwardsley: the distance between Shavington and Burwardsley; the roads between the two; the different routes; the street views and how they differ; the counties they are closest to and the differences in the land. Phew!...what a lot of Geography! 

Finally, our swimming lesson this week was fantastic! Mr Goodier-Page still can't get over how amazing you all were. I can’t wait to see how you progress next week! Well done Year 3!



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