Week Beginning 23rd January 2017

Date: 31st Jan 2017 @ 4:54pm

Week Beginning 23rd January 2017

This week we came into school to find some rather mischevious visitors had been into our classroom! They'd left a trail of slime and underpants leading to the story Aliens Love Underpants in our Reading Area! This meant our visitors could only be one thing...ALIENS! We have been super busy making rockets using the junk modelling, trying to spot the aliens through our telescope in the Role Play Area and painting and drawing the aliens the most amazing pictures. 

Although we had a big shock on Tuesday when we discovered that the aliens had taken our class fish Baby Gary! We thought very carefully about what we could do to try and get him back and decided that we needed to write them some letters. We talked about what we could write: 'Please can we have Baby Gary back because we miss him, Please bring Baby Gary home.' and wrote our letters in Literacy. We awaited eagerly for a reply and Mrs Nicholls took a picture of the aliens reading our letters... but still no Baby Gary...so we kept on writing until they brought him back safely.. phew! 

The surprises just kept coming because on Friday we found a trail of underpants leading to a huge box and a letter! The aliens were very sorry for taking Baby Gary but really wanted to show their family and friends beacuse they've never seen a fish before! As a way of apologising the aliens sent us some ingredeints from space to make party food for an alien party! We had a great time making moon cakes, eating green cheese crackers, drinking purple alien water and boogeying to space themed music! Please have a look on Tapestry to see how mush fun we had. 

We can't wait for another space themed week! 



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