Week beginning 23/5/16

Date: 26th May 2016 @ 3:33pm

Holiday challenge: I have set 3 challenges during the holidays if children want to take part. There is absolutely no obligation for them to play, but i know that they sometimes want to have a task to keep them busy. They are set at 3 different levels depending on the amount of time the children have (250, 500, 1000).

Shavington and Burwardsley have been on the top of our agenda this week in Year 3. We have been looking at the weather and deciding if there is a difference between the temperature, wind speed and direction in each place. Some children were even checking the weather forecast before school!

 We have also been looking at angles as directions of a turn and scaling up and scaling down by doubling/halving and doubling/halving again.We made a scaled down version of Miss Hulse in our books (but we had to draw round her first!) and we had to make sure all parts of her body were in perfect proportion to the original. Miss Hulse said she is like Mary Poppins: 'practically perfect in every way!'

We have been creating Limericks in Literacy to accompany the one in Fantastic Mr Fox. We have had such a good time trying to make our Limericks funny and witty! We might even use some of them in our assembly next month!

 Have a lovely week off Year 3 and I can't wait to see you on the 6th June for our trip to Burwardsley!

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