Week beginning 23.01.17

Date: 24th Jan 2017 @ 7:22pm

This week we've been recapping on equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages. We have using this to solve reasoning and problems in SAT style questions. We have also looked at finding percentages of amounts.

In English we've started to look at biographies and the features we'd expect to see in this type of text. We've worked on some comprehension tasks to make sure we understand the purpose and structure of a biography text. We have started to conduct research on Tutankhamen which we will use to create our own biography text next week.

We have started to add colour to our Egyptian artwork using Tempera paint blocks. We have had to work hard to mix the correct colours that we need and also get the paint to the correct consistency so that it creates a good coverage and isn't too runny!

We have started our new science topic thinking about the specific vocabulary linked with Evolution and Inheritance. We have used science dictionaries to help us create a meaning for each word.

As part of our citizenship and computing work we have been thinking about 'Talking safely online' including looking at a range of situations that the children may face when talking via messages, emails, games and chatting online. We have discussed how it is very important to report anything to a trusted adult that we're not comfortable or happy with. We have discussed what cyber bullying means and what we must do if we or anyone we know has received any unkind messages online. We've also discussed how we mustn't share too much of our personal information online and the dangers of doing this.


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