Week beginning 21.01.19

Date: 28th Jan 2019 @ 8:42pm

In Year 3 this week we have focused on formal methods of multiplication, using pictorial methods to check our answers. We have worked hard to make sure that we put our numbers in the correct place value columns!

In English, we have been continuing with poetry writing. We have learnt about onomatopoeia and analysed a mesostic poem. We have written our own mesostic poem about the Iron Man containing similes and onomatopoeia.

In science we completed lots of fun activities related to 'Light'. We learnt some new vocabulary related to our topic and tried hard to use this when we described what was going on in each activity.

In French, we have been practising the numbers 1-12 and learnt how we say our age. In RE, we have learnt about why Christians believe that Jesus is important to God, story board- ing stories about Jesus and acting them out.

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