Week beginning 18/1/16

Date: 23rd Jan 2016 @ 3:47pm

We have had an action packed two weeks at school! Have a look at these amazing pictures!

Chapter 2 of 'The Firework Maker's Daughter' was a focus for this last week and the children are really taken with the story. The twists and turns in the story inspired us to create our own letter from Lila, and we are all very excited to find out what happens in chapter 3!

We have also been thinking about addition and subtraction methods  and which ones work best in different situations. For example, we looked at how number bonds (or near number bonds) can quicken up our mental maths, whilst also remembering to understand the value of each number.

In other areas we have studied how fossils are formed over time and in which type of rocks they are found.We also located mountain ranges of the world on the ipads and researched how fold mountains are made and what lies beneath the earth's crust. 

We have also been dabbling with watercolour paints and we have discovered six different ways to use them to create different effects! We also created some 'fork firework pictures' using paint and the back of a fork, these are easy to make and look great on our wall!

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Milan wrote:

I enjoyed doing the play when I was an elethant

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