Week beginning 1/2/16

Date: 7th Feb 2016 @ 11:13am

Our classroom wall has finally been adorned with the children's fantastic volcanic paintings from this week's art lesson. Have a look at the photos below to see what it looks like!

We had lots of fun mastering our watercolour techniques and using a straw to blow paint to create a very realistic looking lava explosion! We sent our images to the artist, Margaret Godfrey and she has sent back an email to the class all the way from Hawaii! 

In science we have been looking at the properties of soil and how it is formed. We were surprised to realise that soil is a lot more than just 'brown stuff' in the ground and it takes between 200-400 years to only make 1cm of topsoil!

Subtraction has been the focus of our maths lessons this week, as we have used our expanded knowledge to subtract 3 digit numbers from similar large numbers. There is also a good game on expanded subtraction on the class blog if you fancy giving it a go at home! You can see from the photos that we have been working hard on this, this past week and it is really important for us to understand our place value.

After a detailed build-up, we have finally written our newspaper reports covering the terrible kidnap of poor Lila at the hands of Rambashi and his pirate crew! (Don't worry, this is only a plot in our book! No children were harmed in the making of this report!) The final reports look really good and the children were all keen to get everything ticked off their checklist!

In P.E. Mr Bentham has been focusing on using the balance beams, vault and floor mats to encourage the children to explore their abili-ties and centre of balance. They have been thinking about their concentration and control in each of these disciplines and how to use them to improve their confidence and movement in P.E.

On Friday we were really lucky to have a specialist teacher come into our class to talk to us all about friendships, friendship groups and how we can recognise our own feelings. She taught the class that we can think of our emotions as being on a scale of 1 to 5 and this can help each child to self-identify their own emotions. Each child can then relay that information to any teacher, rather than trying to find the right words for their feelings, as this can be tricky for grown ups too!

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