Week 3 - My World Project

Date: 1st Feb 2017 @ 3:44pm

Week 3 Brightstar


Today we went to Brightstar to learn about what they did there how they worked.

First we had a tour around the building and all the groups had a turn at dragons den and the team who won got some speakers or headphones but everyone got one in the end, we also saw amazing things like a water proof case that allows a phone to stay underwater for the maximum of a hour. After that we swaped places and went into the warehouse were Brightstar repairs all the broken phones and where phones are sorted into packages and sent to the costumer who order the phone.

After that we got a chance to phone each other and pretend that one of us is the costumer and the other is a Brightstar member of staff, it was lots of fun. After that we went back to school.


By Adam Altaie and Alexander Kertolli 

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