wc 30.01.17

Date: 2nd Feb 2017 @ 5:16pm

This week we have been learning the greusome truth about the Egyptians and their methods of mummification. We have created our own set of instructions to guide someone (with pictures), of how to complete the process. In Science, we have been looking at air resistance. We had to first design a fair test for the question we wanted to solve 'Which is the best parachute to slow down a moving object?'. We then worked in teams and created parachutes for our unwilling egg participants. Not all eggs survived the drop! 

As it is Internet Safety Day on Tuesday 7th February, we have been discussing and designing posters to make people aware of how they can stay safe and sensible whilst being online. We must all remember that we have a digitial footprint, and once we press send, it is recorded forever. Please make sure that you think carefully about what you are saying online and always be kind to others. We will be doing some more work on this next week. 

As you are aware, Shavington is wanting to expand and so we have been looking at how the community may look in 10 years time. The Neighbourhood Plan have designed a competition for children to enter where they design what they think Shavington will look like in 10 years time. You can choose any medium to present it: draw, paint, collage or computerise. Make sure that your name is on the work and you give it a title. Bring it to school and it will be entered into a raffle later in the term to decide who is the winner. 

A gentle reminder - There have been a number of children bringing small objects/toys into school e.g. lego, balls, action figures. May I remind you that these items must stay at home as they could get damaged and they can also distract you from your learning. 

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