W.c 15.05.17

Date: 19th May 2017 @ 5:03pm

This week we have been enjoying the limited sunshine and have been outside to take part in our Golden Mile. This is going to become a regular part of our timetable as it helps us to relax after working hard whilst also giving us opportunity for exercise and fresh air! 
In English,  we have been writing narrative dialogues about a chocolate paradise world! This allowed us to explore the different writing techniques and discuss our own and others writing. In maths, we have been exploring shape and perimeter; looking at the nets of 3D shapes and discussing what a regular and irregular polygon is.

We have been thinking carefully about what we believe Shavington will look like in 10 years time and designing our interpretations for a competition. In our Spelling and Grammar lessons, we had a challenge to try and make as many words as we could using 9 letters. We showed great teamwork and earned ourselves an Ant sticker for creating over 40 words! 
In P.E, we have been taking part in Beanbag and Sprint races with Mr Bentham.
A reminder that toys should not be being brought into school and this includes Fidget Spinners. We have lots of resources available in school to aid concentration and support learning so please ask if you feel that you need one.

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