Towering Duelling

Date: 22nd Sep 2017 @ 6:34pm

Tower Duelling


During maths in the latter half of this week, we were looking at greater than, less than and equal to. The children excelled at this on Thursday's, so Mrs. Chapman and I decided to create a tournament in which the children can test their mathematics ability. Much like cowboys of the wild, wild west competitors would stand to face each other at several paces. They would each build a tower of multi-links without the other seeing, then the judge, who was also a child, would choose whether the winner would have the biggest tower or the smallest.





The competitor with the tower with that had the greater number or least number of cubes would be decided as the winner.  The winner moved on through the knockout stages until there were only two children left. The children who did unfortunately lose became the judges and referees, making sure there was no cheating and that all games were decided fairly. Some children began recording the scores of the matches on a whiteboard to make sure they were accurate.


Due to numbers, in one semi there were 3 children and the other there was 2. 

Semi number 1 was a tense bout between Freya and Xander. Both had made their way through the knockout stages well, using their mathematical knowledge to assist them. The match was one round knockout judged by the rest of the class. Both built their towers in secret so that no cheating could occur. They stood at the front of the class, ready to draw. The winner would be the child with a tower made of fewer cubes than the other.

Silence fell across the classroom as the countdown began. 3, 2, 1, DRAW!

The class judged that Freya was the victor!

Semi number 2 was between Bobby, Eva, and Seb. The three-way match would have thrice the excitement as each competitor had been in close matches beforehand. Each child once again built their towers in secret, so this semi was as fair as the first. The trio made their way to the front of the class. They were ready. The judges were ready. Mrs. Chapman with the iPad was ready. The winner of this match would have a tower containing a greater number of cubes. 

Once again the classroom fell silent. 3, 2, 1, DRAW!

Bobby was victorious with a tower of 5 cubes, with Seb close behind with 4 cubes.

The Final

The atmosphere in the classroom was electric as Bobby and Freya made their way to the front of the class. The two shared an intense stare as they prepared to draw. The winner would have to make a tower which is equal to mine or the closest to mine would win. The class could barely contain their excitement to find out who the winner would be, but once again, for the final time, the class fell silent in anticipation. Only the dramatic acoustics of Europe's 'Final Countdown' could be heard.  3, 2, 1, DRAW!

The class was in complete agreement. Bobby had triumphed. 

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