The Great War - told by Year 4J

Date: 8th Nov 2018 @ 12:26pm

The Great War


Archduke Franz Ferdinand was killed by a Serbian man, who was part of the Black Hand. Then, Austria-Hungary were angry about this and attacked Serbia. So, Serbia called their big brother, Russia, to defend them. - Leyla and Ava

Austria-Hungary called in their friends, Germany and Ottoman Empire, to help, because is such a Big country. At the same time, Germany invaded Belgium (who were like the No Man's land/a neutral country) to take it over. Great Britain didn't like this and called in France to help fight off the German's. - Finley and Brodey

This is where the Battle of the Somme took place. It was a massive battle and half the soldiers died. There was lots of trench warfare as well as fighting in the air. The explosions in France were so loud you could hear them in England!!! Plastic surgery was invented to help people who were hit by bombs. - Brandan and Emma

Lots of children lied about their age so they could fight in the war. The youngest solider was only 12 years old. They either lied out their age to save their country or get out of the poor conditions in England. In the trenches, some rats grew as big as cats. - Kacie and Daikin

The Great War started in 1914 and the Americans didn't join until 1917. In 1918, an American sniper was going to shoot a man, but then he realised was trying to help an injured solider and decided not to shoot him. That man was Adolf Hitler, who won a medal of honour for his bravery. - Brooke and Scarlet

The aircrafts that were used mainly had a propeller, a parachute for the singular pilot, 2 or 3 sets of wings and a tail. Some of them were shaped almost like boats and even birds. There were lots of different types, all with different names and patterns. Thomas and Lola

The Great War lasted for 4 years, 3 months and 16 days. - Lawrence and Canyon

The man who assassinated Franz Ferdinand bumped into him by accident whilst leaving a sandwich shop. The Great War went by lots of different names such as The War to End All Wars. - Bella, Jack and Kevin

At the end of the war there was a truce. The Germans had to surrender and sign a treaty called the Treaty of Versailles. At Christmas, the German and British soldiers had a truce and had a game of football. - Harry and Ruby

The war ended in 1918 in November. They started the first blood banks to help injured soldiers who had lost lots of blood. They had to ration their food so that they had enough to eat. - Sophie and Chloe  

Most of the battles happened in France and Belgium. The name of the 2 main groups who were fighting were The Triple Alliance and The Triple Entrée. 9 out of 10 British soldiers survived, their life in the trenches was mainly a bored routine. Too many generals wanted to go over the top and fight, but had to be banned because their knowledge was too valuable. - Harrison, Raegan and Noah


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