The Digestive System

Date: 17th Sep 2018 @ 8:19am

The Digestive System - 13/09/2018


Today Year 4 had the gruesome jobs of recreating the human digestive system! It's safe to say that we are a class of very week stomachs, with only 7 children being able to complete the entire experiment withhaving to step back (They were very resilient rhinos). We used lots of different things to represent different parts of digestion.

Crackers and bananas - Food

Water - Saliva  

Resealable bag - Stomach

Orange Juice - Stomach Acid

Tights - Small Intestine

Metal Tray - The body

Paper with a Hole in the Bottom - Rectum/Anus (the children's favourite piece of equipment, but I really can't figure out why)

Despite being deeply disgusted by the process, the whole class enjoyed the practicality of this very sticky experiment!


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