Safer Internet Day

Date: 5th Feb 2019 @ 2:54pm

Today we have spent time thinking about the choices we make online. We will be continuing to work on our understanding of how the internet works throughout the rest of the week. 


We have had a focus on PEGI ratings using to find out the age rating for games and apps that we use regularly online. We have discussed the reasons of why the age ratings are in place and what purpose they have. Using this, we have considered whether accessing online sources, which have an older PEGI rating, is a choice which will help us to stay safe online. We’ve talked about age appropriate content. 


Another app we have spent time discussing is Whatsapp. We have discovered this week that last year the age rating changed from 13 to 16. As a class we have discussed the pros and cons of Whatsapp and whether engaging with large group chats is always the best choice for us. We’ve talked about making choices about engaging in group chats and that it’s ok to remove ourselves from chats for all sorts of reasons. We have also talked about understanding that removing ourselves does not mean we don't want to be friends with out group chat community. 

As part of Safer Internet Day, we also looked at permission and consent and how this relates to when we are online. We have looked at what our understanding of giving permission and consent and how this can appear when we are online. We have also looked at ways we give permission and consent when we are offline.

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