Our Trip to the South Pole

Date: 5th Dec 2017 @ 4:37pm

Our Trip to the South Pole


As you may already know, a penguin had recently turned up in our classroom. He was lost!

He had been out on an adventure with his best friend and things took a turn for the worst. A serious of unfortunate events left him in a Lemony Snicket sticky wicket and he ended up in a parcel that was shipped to our class. Luckily, the parcel was labeled fragile and the penguin was not harmed.

The penguin was rather a scared as he didn't know where he was or who anyone was. His eyes were wide with terror, he thought maybe the children would hurt him!!!

Fortunately, our year 1 class have been taking great care of him, giving him lots of hugs and kiss. Though he has asked to be given some more fish to eat. We wrote a letter to his best friend so he knew that he was not in any danger, but we needed to get him back to the South Pole. Many children volunteered to help, but it was narrowed down to one brave girl. It wasn't Katniss from the Hunger Games no, it was our very own Lily.

We made sure she had everything she needed for the daring voyage from Ethan warm, wooly hat, Mrs. Chapman's shoes and Mr. Jordan's Fingerless gloves. She was all set for the great adventure, one which will certainly go down in history.  

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