Our Friend 'Little Mouse'

Date: 29th Sep 2017 @ 5:32pm

A couple of weeks ago we all came in from lunch time and there was a mysterious letter left in the classroom addressed to '2S'. We were all very confused as to who could have left it. The handwriting was very messy and so we decided that it couldn't possibly be from anyone at school. When we opened it, we were surprised to see that it was from 'Little Mouse' - a kind and friendly mouse that lives in our corridor. Our Little Mouse friend was very confused because he hears lots of children during the day and then suddenly they're all gone. He wanted to know the kinds of things the children got up to after school. Since then, we have had a few more letters from our mouse friend and he's eager to learn all about how things have changed since his parents and grandparents were little. Luckily, our topic is 'Changes In Living Memory' and so we will be learning lots about this!

Unfortunately, the mouse only appears when it's very very quiet and so we haven't managed to see him yet! We have written him lots of letters and have been doing our very best to search the corridor for him! Will he ever appear??

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