Mad Science Day 2017 - Year 6

Date: 14th Mar 2017 @ 6:51pm

Well, what a busy day we've had! From the minute we arrived we started thinking about the focus for our Mad Science Day - Ocean Pollution. For the first part of the morning, we discussed what we thought Ocean Pollution was and watched an informative video detailing the extreme conditions that some of the Oceans in the World are currently in due to plastic pollution. We were totally surprised by the amount of the pollution that is going on and where this pollution comes from. Following on from this, we conducted some research into Ocean Pollution to find out a little more information and then used this to create a poster or a PowerPoint Presentation in pairs. 

After breaktime, we started to think about how we can improve the issue of plastic pollution and how we can recycle plastic in useful ways. We made a plastic carrier bag mat (pictures to follow) in small groups. We had lots of fun making these but found out very quickly that we had to be resilient rhinos, as we found some parts tricky, and ants, as we had to work carefully together to achieve the outcome. In order to create our mats, we watched a video firstly demonstrating the stages of the instructions and then followed these step-by-step. Throughout the stages of the process, we found ourselves using a range of different skills including: some that related to our Math's and English work but also, we thought about any practical or life skills we may have learnt in or outside of school which we could use to help us. The mats on the whole were a great success; we took it in turns to kneel, sit or use the mats to test them out! 


**More photos and presentations to follow**

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