internet safety day and Chinese new year

Date: 8th Feb 2019 @ 1:10pm



We have had a really great day today. This morning we celebrated Chinese New Year. We learned that it is the year of the pig. We listended to the story of how all the 12 animals were chosen and learned about how each animal had slightly different characteristics. Then we used out number skills to create some fantastic pictures of the pig. After that, we looked at how Chinese New year was celebrated and made a card to share with our families.


In the afternoon we did lots of work on interent safety day. We listened to a story about Zap and Zoom and learned all about the importance of making good choices and learned all about consent. We also watched a really great video about Zap and Zoom - we could even move the mouse and look all the way around the room that they were in. Then we had a think about what the interent is and about all the safe ways that we can use it and all the amazing things we can do on it. Then we produced a colourful poster about how to keep safe on line.

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