Dragons and Scottish Dancing

Date: 8th Feb 2019 @ 12:50pm

What a great few weeks we have had. In literacy we have been finding out about dragons. They have even been sneaking into our school whilst we were not there! We have been going around the school looking for clues, finding out what cheeky things they have been up to. They have even been playing in the snow! We were so excited when we came in on Monday as not only had the teachers looked at our fantastic writing but the dragons had too and they had left their footprints. Sadly, the dragons need to go back to Dragon Land as the school is not big enough for us all. So we have been working really hard to work out how to get to Dragon land- writing instructions so that we don’t get lost.


In topic we have been continuing finding out about Scotland. We have been designing our own tartan, learning country dancing and even tasting Scottish food. We all had a great time food tasting and were shocked that most of us really liked haggis.

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